Taboo Words & Those That Are Truly Dangerous

Society decides that certain words are bad, particular words are taboo.
People think some words are dangerous, that they are vulgar and will corrupt children. But the truth is the most dangerous, harmful and “evil” words are not only thought and spoken by nearly everyone nearly everyday, but are actually fed and educated into us as children.

There are a few words however that are truly “bad” – in that they are evidence of conditioning. They are examples of the way children as they grow are hypnotized into taking on the beliefs and attitudes of their milieu, inherited beliefs which block the flowering of their individuality and consciousness. These words, if they dominate your thinking block you off from life and from your own individuality and freedom.

Ironically, by making certain words taboo people want to say them. Making something forbidden is the best way of ensuring people will do it. So the situation is that truly dirty words, and the thought behind them, are perpetuated as normal; while meaningless four letter words are forbidden and therefore used all the time.

These truly dirty words are….

SHOULD means you are split, schizophrenic. There is what you want to do and what you believe you should want to do.
There are many voices all talking at the same time within you. The voice of fear, the voice of desire, the voice of society, the voice of your parents, the voice of your conscience, and buried underneath it all is the still, small voice of your very own self- your heart and your individuality.

Should means you are a slave, you are doing what you should because you are afraid to be yourself and to be free.
Living in should is to live in guilt. You know what you are doing, and you know what you should do – and between these two what you really want is lost.

You shouldn’t say should, and you shouldn’t think about what you should do. But not because I or anybody else says so… but because you deeply value your own sovereignty.

(I should explain this better, but I shouldn’t really be saying should at all. Or should I?)

BECAUSE is a dirty word because it implies that everything must have a reason, a cause, a use, a utilitarian purpose. Everything must be explainable.
The real things have no because, because they have no reason.

And the constant companion to because is WHY?

“Why live?”
“Because Jesus died for your sins, because you have a duty to your parents or society, because suicide is a sin…”

“Why is the sky blue?” The child asks.
NOT: “because the molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun…..”
Tell her “The sky is blue because it is blue”. She will get it, and you will not murder her wonder.

Why ask why?!

The truth is that the best things and the real things, are causeless, are in-explainable.

Words that are sometimes bad(but sometimes not)

  • Me, I
  • Wish
  • Try

This is why you shouldn’t say these words. I wish you will try not to say or think them
Because you should, and ’cause I said so…. and you never seem to listen to me!



What do you think?

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