Matter is The Matrix

Matrix background

Matter is the Matrix
The Matrix is woven from our identification with matter and our forgetting of our spirit essence
It holds us in invisible embrace, in the seductive comfort of ignorance

The Matrix is the Mother
It is the Mother(mater) in whose womb we exist
In whose body we live, die, and live again
The mother who births us, breathes through us,
The Father is unmanifest
It is the Mother who is our very body and breath, our blood and bone


You are The Matrix
The Matrix is you

We are the creators of the Matrix
We are the artificers of our own perceptual prison
It was not created by any outside being to confine you, it was created by you in order to give yourself the very challenging and valuable experience of limitation and forgetting so that you may remember yourself

Matter is the womb of the soul
The chrysalis of the spirit
This reality-experience of the world of form is the dimensional construct within which the soul learns and grows


The Matrix is an illusion and a prison
Yet it is an illusion from which the wise one may extract the jewel of the Real
And it is a prison within which provides the catalyst for the soul to discover its wings and fly into infinite liberation

The False-Matrix exists so that you may learn what you are and what you are not
The Real is only found through the experience of the unreal

In this Matrix, the external reflection does not matter
Only your inner being matters
Therefore, the Matrix can be bent by your liberated Will
For it is nothing more than your imagination, your dream

The World is not real
The Matrix is not Reality
But in knowing this, you may have the power to express your reality within the Matrix



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