Reality Exists Within You

This reality-experience is your dream, your creation
And you are the reality that you believe you exist within

You are not in the world
The world exists within you

Your consciousness is not in your body
Your body is created within your consciousness

You do not exist in physical reality
Physical reality, and all realities exist within you

You do not exist within time and bound by space
Space and time exist within you

Life happens from you
Not to you
Reality comes from you
Not to you

You are the matrix
The matrix is you
You are the world
The world is you

You are body
You are mind
You are spirit
You are heart
You are soul

You are the soul’s dream within itself
You are the imagination of yourself
You are an idea, a thought within the mind of The Creator
You are an expression of the whole as a part, yet still the whole

You are an aspect of the multidimensional crystal of creation
And you are the crystal and all it’s aspects

You are the awakening of eternity within the alchemy of time
You are the realization of spirit within the matrix of matter

You are matter
You are energy
You are consciousness
You are love
You are emptiness
You are light

One is All
All is One
You are All
All is you

Everything is born within you
In you is the Alpha and the Omega
You are the beginning and the end
From you all is extended
And to you all perpetually returns

You exist
And existence IS you




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