Your mind is a prison.263224703
Your mind is the only prison.

The most dangerous prison of all is the mental one.  This mind-prison has you bound by invisible chains.  And to be ruled by the mind is prison, to be at the mercy of thinking.
There is no other.

The body can be chained, but not the soul. However the mind exists in the middle, and others can enslave your mind, or rather cause you to forget your sovereignty.

The mind-prison is the most dangerous confinement because you are not even aware that your are bound.
Thought cannot easily see itself and it’s own movement.

It is the prison of thoughts and thinking which has brought us into a state of invisible bondage even while we believe that we are free.

And it is also thought which creates the prison we believe ourselves to be in when in reality we are free.

Your mind can be a great tool, a great ally
But it is a very poor master – for it is not meant to be the master of your being.

The Thought Police

There are many forces which act upon the individual from a very young age to constrict and bind his mind. First the parents and immediate family, then the school and religious institution.
With the proliferation of technology and media into every hour of our waking lives there comes the influences  of tv, movies, advertising, media, and news networks.

These are all victims who are creating more victims
Prisoners breaking seducing others into prison which they themselves are in.

Liberate yourself from mental slavery
For none but ourselves can free our mind
And once freed, share the key with all who are ready for the responsibility of freedom and the freedom of responsibility.



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