The Twin Impulses of Life

The Twin Impulses of Life

This site and this life are directed towards fulfilling the twin impulses of life, of existence.
These two impulses are the impetus behind all manifestation.
All of life, energy, matter, the whole kosmos is moving as and towards these two poles of the same Reality. It is intrinsic to consciousness, fundamental to life.

These are the two ways in which existence comes to its peak experience – in the experience of Truth and the experience of Love.

We want to know:
Who or what am I?!
and we want to experience the fullness of life, the feeling of being totally alive

There are two movements in the human being: the movement towards understanding and the movement towards experiencing.


We wish to SEE! To know, to understand, to know the truth and ultimately the deepest Truth of what we are and what life is.

And we also wish to just experience totally. To live, and participate and create; and be dissolved into the play of life.

We wish to BE and to DO
And we would feel incomplete without both poles.

In the human being is contained both the absolute and the relative
The Human aspect and the Being aspect
the temporal and the eternal
the finite and the infinite
The material and the spiritual
The Son of Man and the Son of God

These two realities are the beginning and end of existence
Where it comes from and where it is going, the impetus for manifestation and for it’s resolution.
The cause for the birth of the human being, and where life comes to a peak in death.

And we must contain both of these poles, else we will be lopsided. We must live a life of both action and inaction, stillness and activity, movement and rest, being and doing, birth and death. And both simultaneously!

We must be able to achieve, to act, to be powerful, capable, to create and grow and improve and experience and discover.
And to simply Be.  To sit silently and blissfully.   Sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.


To Be and to Do
To See and to Experience
To understand and to live
To resolve and to celebrate
To redeem and to relax
To investigate and to experiment
To learn and to play
To become truth and to be dissolved in Love
To attain the summit and to return Home

In the end they become one – the experience of essence, the feeling of being fully and totally awake and passionately alive.

Absorption into the essence of existence.
This is what all of life is tending towards.  And the ultimate purpose of my work is to help propel the individual into that oceanic experience, that reality in which existence is fulfilled, in which life is redeemed, and your existence becomes a great adventure and joyous celebration.

What do you think?

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