The Two Forces: Good and Evil, Darkness and Light

The mythological fight between good and evil, darkness and light, is metaphorical but very real. It is played out again and again in our myths, our stories, our movies, and in our lives….

It is an eternal cosmic drama because it is they very fundamental way that the existence flows: as a dance between the two forces of order and chaos, light and dark, good and evil.

There is no evil, only ignorance of the good

There is no dark, only absence of light – bring a candle in and the dark disappears
you don’t have to fight with darkness, only introduce light
(and yet there are no shadows without light…. shadows exist when the light is indirect, when it is partial……)

People are not evil, no-one is evil or inherently evil – they have only been so starved of the nourishment, of love and light that they do they only thing which gives them some form of twisted satisfaction.  Causing others to fear and be in misery is a form of twisted love, thwarted love… it turns to its opposite in a need for that need to be met – even if it is in reverse.

 Goodnesss      –       Evil
                      Light      –       Darkness
           Growth       –        Decay
                             Intelligence/Wisdom       –         Illusion/Delusion/Ignorance
            Love/Compassion       –        Fear/Anger/Hate
           Order           –        Chaos
                Sanity         –        Insanity
                                                         Tranquility/Peace         –      Boredom/Agitation                                                                  Creativity     –       Destructivity

Good and Evil both disappear when it is seen that all is light tending towards its own      illumination


What do you think?

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