Let Everything Serve You

My friend,
Let the experience of things that you do not prefer serve you in defining and creating the experiences you do prefer.
Let everything you experience serve you in being more of who you prefer to be.

Let every thing serve you.
Let every situation serve you.
Let every experience serve you.

Understand, that existence is continually reflecting to you the effects of your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and actions.
It is giving you back exactly what you put out.
So that you may learn to live masterfully.

By learning from the results of your actions you allow them to teach you how to live.
How to live in harmony with the way of things.

For this world is the perfect school for you to play on the playground of experience.
And for you to practice learning to consciously create the reality you prefer. Which you learn through the process of experiencing the contrast of creating in unawareness and receiving the fruits of your unskillful living.

Understand also, that nothing in life is inherently positive or negative.
All things are essential neutral.
You have the freedom and the dignity to define the significance of all things in your reality.
You can choose whether what you experience will be defined as a help or a hindrance on your journey.

There is nothing that is either good or bad.
Only the interpretation you choose to apply to it will determine the effect you derive from it.

This is the secret alchemy.
That you can turn poison into medicine
That you can extract milk from thorns
That the key to your freedom lies in the very thing that seems to keep you imprisoned.

Let your pain serve to teach you about pleasure, and the way to it.
Let your unhappiness be the fire that propels you towards infinite happiness.
Let the challenges of life be the lessons that teach you of your ultimate perfection.
To live in this way,
To love what happens, no matter how it seems on the surface.
To know that all is happening exactly as it must
To embrace the slings and arrows of fate, knowing that pain is the gentle guidance of the divine to bring you into aligning with Life.
To consciously define all experiences and situations as being exactly what you need to live in order to grow into your full, true self.

To let everything serve you in being more and more of who you prefer to be.
This is The Way

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