Living in Pure Synchronism

Synchronicity can be the organizing principle of your life if you allow it to be.

Following The Formula of acting on your excitement, to the best of your ability, with no insistence or expectation on any particular outcome, taking it as far as you can, and then taking action on the next most exciting thing.

Living in this way enables you to ride the wave of synchronicity that brings you everything you need to continue acting on your excitement. It will naturally and spontaneously organize your life. Any obstructions that appear are not a block but are lessons you need to learn in order to rise to higher levels of joy.

This is operating on pure synchronism.
Allowing synchronicity to be the guide and organizer of your life.
Trusting in the wholeness and perfection of existence.
Where only things that are relevant for an individual to experience are what they experience in life.
One can live in that state of betweenness, of creative flow.
One can feel the universe flowing through them and guiding them into perfect harmony with their own reality creation.
You can run between the raindrops and not get wet.

Knowing that you will have what you need to have when you need to have it.
Know what you need to know when you need to know it.
Be where you need to be when you need to be there.
Be with who you need to be with when you need to be with them.

It is a total trust in existence to support you.
A trust in the orchestration of existence. That there is a deeper order and harmony to life that your physical mind cannot grasp.

To have perfect faith in the timing of everything.
No desire, no fear – total surrender.
Living one’s joy with integrity.

In the future, our civilization will operate on pure synchronism.
We will not need to plan anything or externally organize anything.
We will be telepathically connected and each individual will be living their True Will.
Each piece of the puzzle will be its full and true self and so the puzzle as a whole will be all the more stronger and more integral.

You will spontaneously find yourself interacting with whoever is relevant for you to be with in that moment – and you will know it.

Your life will be an ecstatic and orgasmic explosion of synchronicity and you will find yourself disappearing into the infinite and eternal dance of existence.

You can do this NOW.
Simply take the first step in perfect faith.
And then take another…

What do you think?

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