The Cosmic Egg

The ancients imagined that the universe was hatched from a primordial egg.  The egg has captivated humans and it has become a symbol of life, fertility, generation and re-generation.  To the Alchemists it was analoguous to the Macrocosm, the universe.

This embryo of the universe has been called the world egg, cosmic egg or mundane egg by the mythic traditions of Man.

Upon seeing the eggs of animals they must have wondered at the world contained within the shell, and the sun in the center….

In alchemy the egg stands for the chaos apprehended by the artifex, the prima materia containing the captive world-soul. Out of the egg — symbolized by the round cooking vessel — will rise the eagle or phoenix, the liberated soul, which is ultimately identical with the Anthropos who was imprisoned in the embrace of Physis.

Carl Jung. Psychology and Alchemy, page 202

Scientists now say that 13.8 billion years ago the entire universe was existed as a gravitational singularity, an infinitesimally small point from which all of creation was born – the cosmic egg.

The Orphic Egg: 1774


Vishnu within the Cosmic Egg, Pahari style, gouache, 19th c.


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