The Core of Ego

I, ME, Egoic consciousness, self centeredness

A case of mis-identification,  constriction.

The wheel of Samsara that we are doomed to repeat over and over again, eternally.   Unless we repent, unless we wake up, unless we mature.


  • Fear…. anxiety
    • Anger…. hate, (fear)
  • Craving… lust, desire
    • Greed.…  miserliness, dissatisfaction
  • Ignorance…  Delusion, illusion, unconsciousness, unawareness, sleep
    • Apathy….   laziness, gluttony,



I desire…….. Pleasure, continuance, safety
I crave things that feel good, I lust after pleasure

So I want to feel good
– To be full, to be safe, to feel good, to be liked…….

I fear….. Death
I am always anxious of being hurt, of being exposed, of being disliked, diminished in any way, of dying, annihilation.

So I don’t want to hurt, to feel bad
– To be harmed, to be nothing, to be less, to be disliked.  Ending, loss, diminishment.


Your masks are seen, your aliases are known…….

Ignorance, Illusion

  • Identification with name and form, body, material, surface, appearance.  And unaware of the formless, spirit, consciousness, the roots.
  • Isolation and separation.
  • In illusion, delusion, ignorance – not aware of what is real and what is false… And not even aware that you are unaware.

Asleep, Unaware, Mechanical

  • Unconscious, asleep, unaware, not alert, sleepwalking, a somnambulist, a zombie.
  • A robot: enslaved by the creator, enslaved by conditioning and programming
  • Not free, a slave to the past and to the imaginary future, repeating the same mistakes, repeating the sins of the father.
  • Making others wrong and myself right

Chained by Time

  • Not Here, not Now, not present. Missing what is happening, what is actual.
  • Trapped in time, in a time-bound consciousness… always a tomorrow to wait for
    and a yesterday to be haunted by.

Enslaved by Mind

  • A mind, a thinker, calculating, doubting.  The identification with mind, thinking, the voice in the head.
  • Always utilitarian – gaining, achieving…. Yet never relaxing, playing, celebrating.
  • Always thinking that there are things needing done before I can relax, before i can just Be.
  • Doing, doing, doing….. Forgetting Being.
  • Always seeking satisfaction and never finding any that lasts.

Our Forgotten Heart

  • Not in touch with the heart – with feeling, intuition, trust, love, compassion.
  • We have moved away from our center and are stuck in the attic of the house.  We are lopsided – heavy heads dragging on the ground and our wrinkled heart lost.
  • We distrust our heart – we only know logic, the mundane.  We don’t know that we have wings…..


Unspoken False Convictions

  • “I am,  I am vulnerable, and I need to be safe”
  • “My comfort and satisfaction is the only thing that matters, I matter and not you.”
  • “I am separate from life, separate from the earth, separate from nature, different from my fellow human beings.”
  • “I must protect myself, else they will hurt me. I must seize things, else others will get them first. I must conquer others, else they will conquer me.”
  • “If I get what I want, then I will be satisfied

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