Every Story Needs a Villain

Every story needs a villain
Every hero requires an adversary, a nemesis.


Without the evil one nothing would change.  There would be no crises, no challenge, no story, no heroism.


The villain creates the situation in which the hero is born.  The Chosen One is born together with the Dark Lord.
Angels need devils
Saints need sinners
The protagonist longs for an antagonist

You need a rival to goad you to new heights
A villain is needed to call the hero to action, and to inspire the good guys to organise and mobilise.


Don’t forget to love the villain, and to respect that he is playing a vitally important role in the cosmic drama.  Admire his skill, his power, and his influence… twisted as it is.   Pity him, for if his energy was directed by light and love he would be a great creator in the world.

Don’t hate the villain, and fight against him. For this only gives him and his cronies more power, more sustenance, more reality.



Don’t fight against political clowns. For your hatred only feeds the fire.
Think up better and better villains to dance with, to kill with love and wisdom.

Do not fight against the darkness, do not try to swing at shadows. Only bring the light in.

Every good story has a good villain. Someone we love to hate, someone who is delightfully diabolical. Someone who is as necessary to bringing balance back to the world as is the hero….


Someone must play that role, someone must be that character.  And if you are going to be the villain, you might as well play the role well.

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