The Polarization of Human Consciousness

We are going through a very chaotic time, a time of change, of old structures dissolving.  There are those who cling to the past and old ways of thinking and being in the world, there are those those who progressively look to the future and prepare for the new.

There is a polarization of human consciousness happening, there is a gulf opening up in the collective human psyche.


As some look forward, many look back.  And the gulf between the two widens more and more. For those of the old consciousness cling to their ever decaying forms with ever more and more fevor and rabid desperation.

Human beings are increasingly living in separate worlds, different realities, speaking different languages.

The chasm is growing wider and wider. And it seems that soon it may be too far for one to jump across or for a collective to bridge.

What reconciliation can there be between those who wish to fall back and those who wish to rise up?  Between those who want to fear and those who must open to love? And to those who cling to the old structures, you cannot appeal to logic, you cannot really communicate at all.



This polarization is occurring because it is a law of life, a law of growth, that things get worse simultaneous with getting better.  The catalyst for change is crisis.  And climbing to a great height requires the possibility of a great fall.  The light requires the darkness in order to awaken to itself.

Characteristic of our dual existence is the presence of two seemingly contradictory forces which propel life forward.  We exist in a universe of duality.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Life moves in dialectics – action, reaction, synthesis…….

In our present world there are great leaps forward in understanding, compassion, and progress.  Yet, as a counter-reaction to this growth is the force of inertia which is afraid of the new, which clings to the safety of the past.  This impulse manifests in many different forms including the distrust of foreigners, of identifying and protecting my perceived clan before everyone else.

Polarized conflicts between individuals, nations, religions, and communities are on the rise.  The very energetics of the earth and the universe are heating up.   The macrocosm and the microcosm are simultaneously undergoing transition states of chaos and upheaval.

This is a very chaotic time for the individual and for the earth as a whole.  The polarization of human consciousness is manifesting ever more rapidly, and we are in the midst of the breaking point.

First comes a breakdown, then there may come a breakthrough.


Judgment day is not coming in the future.  Judgement day is here, this day and everyday.

The choice between darkness and light, sleep or awakening, fear or love.  The choice between the old and decaying consciousness bound by thought and form, or a totally new consciousness discontinuous with the past and free of limiting identifications.

The storms are brewing and will soon be breaking.  The thunder is rolling, the lighting stabbing and a hard rain is falling.

What is your choice?


What do you think?

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