The One

You are The One
You are The Chosen One
You are born to redeem
You are the one prophesied
The daughter of Earth, and the daughter of the Kosmos.
The son of Man, and the son of God

Only you can walk the path
Only you can draw the sword
Only you can carry the burden
Only you can defeat the darkness
Only you have within you the secret key

Born in humility
Born as a nameless orphan
Born in ignorance
Yet your rightful inheritance is the throne and crown

Long has the realm waited for you to be born
Many preparations have been made to set the scene
The people have waited and waited,
For one to come with the power
They have waited for the One, though they know not what he will be

You are The One
But only if you are
Only if you accept and believe
There may be prophesies and predictions,
But you only become the One when you Become the One

There are secret stirrings in the heart of the cosmos
And destiny will manifest

What do you think?

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