The Divisions in Man

A house divided cannot stand,
A flower starved cannot bloom,
And a man conflicted cannot dance.

Man has been made schizophrenic by so many influences which serve to divorce him from himself and from life. Forces which attempt to separate that which is inseparable.

Left & Right – Left brain and right brain, science and art, discovery and creativity, logic and illogic, utility and playfulness…

Lower & Higher: Genitals and head, sin and virtue, good and bad, sinners and saints, sex and love…

Inner & Outer – Body and soul, matter and spirit,

Head & Heart – Intelligence and love, thinking and emotions, knowledge and feeling..

Individuality & Society – The individual and the crowd, Your original face and societies conditioning.

Man & God – Human Beings and Life, You and the Kosmos, the son of man and the son of god…

We must intelligently rebel and break free of this conditioning.  This madness which we are not born with but learn from our environment and society.  The very food we consume is poisoned by these false ideas, it is educated into us at a very young age.

All is one, all is whole… there is no division and can never be.

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