The Past, Present, and Future of Humanity

The Past, Present,
and Future of Humanity

Where have we been?
Where are we now?
And where are we going?

We Human Beings.
We who have come down through the Ages.
The seed of the universe, evolved and grown through the vegetable, through the sea, through the land, through the animals………

Here we are, after great discoveries, after revolutions, wars, murder,genocide,
After the dark ages, after enlightenment. Post post-modern.
After disease, famine, plague; and after prosperity, wealth.
After saviors, discoverers, murderers, heroes…

We who have discovered fire, created electricity, harnessed technology.
We who are yet still children.

Here we stand, somewhat self-aware, painfully self-conscious.
Confused, blinded, conflicted, divided……
Wondering who we are, what we have done and are doing, and where to go from here?

We stand on the threshold, on the precipice,
Between destruction and glory
Between annihilation and celebration
Between Dystopia and Utopia.

Man balances on the edge of a knife-blade
The forces of darkness are growing as the potential for light is blossoming.

In order to go onward and upward, to the stars and beyond, we must know where we are, and what we have come from.
We must have visionaries and true leaders – not presidents, politicians, and priests.

Who steers the ship?
Who whispers the commands?
Who flies the banner?
Where is the horse and the rider?
Where the horn that was blowing?
And where the waiting treasures?

What is the question!
And where is the answer?

What do you think?

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