The Dimensions of Man

The Dimensions of Man: The 4 dimensions of the masculine

Within every Man is every Man.

Every man is unique, has strengths and weaknesses, yet in each and all there are certain fundamental energies. Without developing and raising these essential dimensions to their ascendancy Man remains immature and incomplete. A life lacking in any of these four domains is a half-life, and this man will not know the freedom, power and bliss of existence. And neither can he die in peace, fulfillment and celebration.

Deep within every man lies the primal Wild Man. Often forgotten, lost, and shunned. Scared to be set loose, scared to be naked. But there is great primordial power sleeping there.
There is the Lover who longs to love, who desires to live life in its fullness. He delights in the sensual experience and beauty of life.
There also watches the Wizard, seeing deeply and possessing the key to the mysteries and the power of transformation. The great spiritual potentiality of Man can be awoken by the Wizard.
And finally there awaits the King, for the time to stand up tall and strong and seize power in the Kingdom. He who would be sovereign over himself and the realm. To be crowned as Lord of the Universe and King of Kings, yet servant of all.

The Four Poles

  • Wild Man
  • Lover
  • Wizard
  • King
Secondary Archetypes/ Sub-types
  • The Child
  • The Old Man
  • The poet
  • The artist
  • The investigator
  • The Warrior
  • The Builder
  • The Companion, the sidekick

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