Stop Participating In Your Own Enslavement

“The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed.”

― Simone de Beauvoir

The only reason why negative agendas have occurred and are occurring in our world is that a large percentage of humanity is brainwashed, unaware, asleep, and ignorant.
They occur because we voluntarily participate in our own imprisonment.

Why else, other than ignorance, would one allow their own enslavement?
This only happens if one does not know that they are a slave or if they prefer peaceful slavery to dangerous freedom.

You Cannot Liberate a Slave Who Holds on to His Own Chains

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

― Harriet Tubman

Humanity could be joyfully free, yet most do not even know that we are enslaved.
We could be free, yet we continue to bow down and obey our oppressors – to identify with them and worship them and believe that they have legitimate authority that we are obligated to obey.

The first step to freedom is realizing that you are bound. Then you can get down to the task of breaking yourself free and finding Truth.

You cannot liberate a slave who holds on to his own chains

Accomplices to Enslavement

A large portion of humanity is enslaved and oppressed and does not even know it.
Not only are they enslaved, but they worship their oppressors.
They believe that their oppressors are their leaders, their experts, their authorities.
They think that their oppressors keep them safe and tell them what is true.

Their prison is woven only of their own ignorance and obedience.

Some of humanity knows that they are enslaved, yet they continue to bow down, acquiesce, and feed their energy to The Machine because they are afraid of the consequences of disobedience.
They don’t want to rock the boat and disrupt their comfortable life.

Stockholm Syndrome

A large portion of humanity suffers from Stockholm syndrome.
They have learned to love their own slavery and will come together like Agent Smiths to bring down anyone who tries to break out of the matrix.

They are people who have been raised from birth in a free-range prison and who think the rulers and the guards care for them, want what is best for them, and keep them safe.
They have been raised in a prison and so have been taught to love the walls, fear the guards, and worship the wardens.

And many of us take up positions within the prison. We take on these jobs so that we can feel special, get paid a little bit more than the others, and perhaps have the opportunity to become one of the elite wardens.

These are the thugs and enforcers of an anti-human agenda.
Police, politicians, military, “journalists.”, bought-off scientists and doctors.
They are accomplices to their own prison masters.
Guards who would sell out their fellow human beings for a pat on the head and some numbers in their bank account.

The Mind of The Oppressed

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

― Steve Biko

The mind of the oppressed is not truly their own. It has been shaped and molded according to the information and beliefs that have been driven into it day after day, year after year.

They have been so brainwashed by the media, which is the narrative, the perceptions, the beliefs, and the story given to them by the controllers, the ruling class.

They are told that the restrictions on their individuality, rights, and freedoms are for their own safety. They are told that the draconian laws and rules are to protect them from some dangerous foreign threat.

Because people do not know what is real and what is true. They do not know who is truly good and who is evil.
They are manipulated into supporting their own oppressors and attacking those who are attempting to awaken and liberate humanity.

In this way, the oppressors do not even need to fight their own battles. They just wind up their toy soldiers and set them upon those who get out of line.

Everything is distorted and turned upside down
Lies are thought to be truth
Slavery is believed to be freedom
Evil masquerades as the good

The minds of human beings have been systematically indoctrinated, confused, and blinded.
Most do not even own their own mind – it has been so infiltrated and manipulated so as to keep them hopelessly hypnotized, asleep, and enslaved.

We Are The 99.99%

Those who have been pulling the puppet strings from the shadows are very few.

The only way that they could do what they have done is by tricking humanity into obedience through lies and ignorance.
By getting the masses to attack and silence and ostracize all those who attempt to wake the population up to the nature of their own enslavement.

We are the 99.9999%.
If we stop participating in our own enslavement, then there can be no enslavement.

Truly, we are enslaving ourselves at the prodding of a very small group of people from behind the scenes.
All it takes is an awakening and withdrawing our particpation for the whole corrupt, illusury System to fall.

Stop Participating in Your Own Enslavement

Stop consuming the media programming
Stop participating in the rigged political game
Stop believing that government has any authority or legitimacy
Stop giving your energy and labor to the vampiric monetary system
Stop putting your money in the hands of the corrupt big banks
Stop funding your own enslavement through taxes
Stop sending your children to indoctrination centers called public schools and universities
Stop going to ignorant doctors and buying medical poison
Stop sending your children to be soldiers in banker’s wars

One need not take any drastic action
Simply stop feeding the beast.
Stop being a cog in the machine.
Stop contributing your energy to the system that is disempowering you
Refuse to play along in the game
Refuse to acquiesce to your own enslavement

Simply stop participating and withdraw your energy.

Without your obedience, government has no authority.
Without your attention, the mainstream media crumbles.
Without your energy, the entire matrix collapses.

Nonviolent Noncompliance Ends All Negative Agendas

Nonviolent noncompliance is humanity’s way to true freedom.

Not to violently fight, for violence will only perpetuate the cycle of violence and give the control system more legitimacy in crushing you.

But simply a critical mass of people refusing to participate in their own enslavement.
If this were to happen, all the negative agendas would crumble into dust overnight.
For they are only carried out and enforced by individuals living in fear and ignorance and then bowed down to and obeyed by more individuals living in fear and ignorance.

We hold the power.
Let go of your self-imposed chains – you never needed them in the first place.
Stop participating in your own enslavement.
Non-violently end your compliance to, and participation in, the institutions and systems of the crumbling Machine.

I am a philosopher-poet who shares liberating insight and inspirational guidance in our human journey to wake up, re-member ourselves, end the illusion of separation, and return to our innate nature as divinely powerful creator beings.
My purpose is to awaken myself and set myself totally free while contributing to the awakening and liberation of humanity from all illusions, limitations, darkness, and ignorance.

I invite you to join me in the journey through the Great Mystery & in the creating of the New Earth.

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