Michael Malice: The Jester of Anarchy

Michael Malice is an American anarchist author, media personality, and podcaster. He is the host of the podcast show “YOUR WELCOME”.

An expert troll and the archetypal jester, he effectively and humorously exposes the insanity of both the political Left and Right while effectively advocating for anarchist ideas and principles to millions of people.

On Anarchism

Anarchism is nothing more than ‘You do not speak for me.’
Everything else is just implementation.

My rights are not up for discussion, let alone a vote.
Whether it be 75% of the population, the will of one king, or the whim of 100 senators.

It is impossible to have a radical philosophy without at first sounding like a lunatic or a moron. One of the reasons for this is that most radical philosophies are lunacy, and the rest for the most part are moronic. To proclaim earnestly that This, the status quo, doesn’t just need tweaks or massive changes but a fundamental reorganization is an enormously high task to argue for.
…. The listener would have no frame of reference to even approximate what was meant to be said. This is what a society without the state sounds like to most people, for they have taken the legitimacy of government for granted all of their lives. An alternative is incomprehensible.

Anarchism is not a location.
Anarchism is a relationship, one in which none of the parties has authority over the other.

Since the term itself—anarchism—is a negation, there is a great deal of disagreement on what the positive alternative would look like. The black flag comes in many colors.

The Anarchist Handbook is an opportunity for all these many varied voices to speak for themselves, from across the decades. These were human beings who saw things differently from their fellow men. They fought and they loved. They lived and they died. They disagreed on much, but they all shared one vision: Freedom.

What are presented as the strongest arguments against anarchism are inevitably a description of the status quo.

Anarchism is the belief that citizenship is better when based on ideology than on geography.

Anarchism is the recognition that you are far more likely to be invaded by America than by China, far less likely to be able to protect yourself, and absolutely certain that this assault would be done with the approval of virtually all your countrymen.

The Red Pill

Take one red pill, not the whole bottle.

To be red-pilled is to believe that what is presented as truth by the corporate press is in fact a carefully constructed narrative designed to keep some very unpleasant people in power.

The major red pills in approximate order are:
1) I’m being misled systematically
2) I’ve been misled since school
3) They are fully aware of what they are doing
4) Given the choice, they would prefer me dead over defiant.

It is the government’s job to implement the agenda.
It is the media’s job to convince that you have a choice or say in the agenda.
It is the school’s job to train you–and your children–to listen to the media.

To realize that we live in an absurd culture where we are taught absurd things by absurd people and threatened with absurd consequences for defying all of it is to achieve a level of contentment.

The Blue-Pilled Masses

The thing about blue-pilled people is the utter certainty they are trained to have in their surface-level perspective. I don’t know whether it’s a prerequisite or a precondition or something else.

An inability to get past binary thinking is disturbingly common.

If you want to understand the extent of a blue-pilled person’s mind and interests, take a look at the magazine section at the CVS.

A dog doesn’t know, care or understand why you want it to roll over (and in fact there is no good reason) It just knows that if it rolls over, it will get rewarded. Human beings are neither basically good nor basically bad. They’re basically animals.

The masses side with the winner. They neither choose him nor possess the capacity to do so.

Blue-pilled people have been trained to believe that “smart,” “educated” and “correct” are effectively synonymous when it comes to a discussion.

The NPCs who outsource their critical thinking to the screens outsource their sense of right and wrong as well.

The average person’s mechanism for determining a truth claim is simply whether it gives them a positive emotional response.

Low status people would love a social credit score because obedience is one of the few metrics they can compete on.

The Cathedral – The Universities & Media and the “Elite” Enemy Class Within Them

The Cathedral is the idea that what is being presented as fact is actually a carefully coordinated movement by elites to establish and impose their view of what reality is and how it should be.

The Cathedral are intelligent people whose role it is to train genpop to believe and more importantly repeat things in violation of reality.

The greatest trick the Cathedral ever pulled was convincing people it doesn’t exist.

The establishment’s bloodlust for war – in which I include the corporate press – cannot be overstated.

How unimpressive the enemy class is.
These are the people who regard themselves as your betters.

Extremist: A person who refuses to submit to the edicts of the Cathedral.

More often than not, Cathedral operatives are completely unexceptional people. The reason they fight to maintain its cultural dominance with all their power is quite simply because it is the entire source of their power. Without it they would be utterly obscure and irrelevant.

Corporate America is privatized authoritarianism.

The Corporate Press

The battle is won when the average American regards a corporate journalist exactly as they regard a tobacco executive.

The corporate press is the enemy of the people.

The role of the corporate press isn’t merely to train the population as to what to think. It is there to train them regarding what to think about–or what not to think about.

The fact that there are pathways that distribute news and information outside the Cathedral’s control causes them existential dread in direct proportion to their recognition that these are existential threats.

Any time you hear “experts” being cited, you can be almost certain that the Cathedral is running some sort of con.

The corporate press is factual but not truthful.

The amount of time a given population’s concerns are promoted by the corporate press is exactly in proportion to how much said population supports the Cathedral.

The problem with contemporary journalists is that they have been taught that their role is to train the masses in how to perceive and respond to information.

Journalists are jihadi’s without the testosterone.

Referring to the corporate press as “mainstream” normalizes their malfeasance and depravity.

There are few things more “Russian” than an entire media apparatus dedicated to training the populace to disbelieve what is profoundly evident to everyone.

Their shamelessness reflects their soullessness.

Bias: When the reporting is primary and narrative is secondary.
Agenda: When the narrative is primary and reporting is secondary.

Political Ideology

Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.

Everything preceding ‘but’ in a political statement can be ignored.

A key basis of progressivism is to engineer society in order to force desired outcomes.

Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously regard your children as their property.

The manic oscillation between apoplexy and forced derisive laughter makes it exhausting to be a blue-pilled leftist.

Your mental health is extremely important. Learn and use this phrase on social media and IRL: “I am comfortable with that being your perception.”

On Democracy

One of the reasons I am an anarchist is the explicit and constant demonstration that advocates of democracy only believe in democracy when it gives them their desired outcomes.

In a democracy someone is setting the guidelines for everyone else. Elitist rule is inevitable.

People will say with a straight face that having one choice for dear leader is tyranny – but having two is freedom.

“Our democracy” is always code for “our hegemony”

Your concept of a peaceful society is a society built on oppression and not allowing people to live with personal freedom.


I hate the government because I love my country.

Today’s Federal government is orders of magnitude more oppressive, invasive and imperial than anything our Founding Fathers witnessed.

Tyranny is when the population is imprisoned.
Liberty is when the politicians are.

There is no organization other than the government that takes your money and doesn’t even pretend to provide a service to your satisfaction, if they choose to provide it at all.

Markets tend toward decentralization.
Governments tend toward centralization.

Law is how the powerful tell the powerless what to do.

It is of little relevance whether the people trying to restrict your freedom are acting in good faith.

Within several years, the premise that every economic action must pay a cut to the government will be recognized as an absurdity by a far far greater number of people.

Perhaps it will be said that this consent is not a specific, but a general, one, and that the citizen is understood to have assented to every thing his representative may do, when he voted for him. But suppose he did not vote for him; and on the contrary did all in his power to get elected some one holding opposite views—what then?
The reply will probably be that by taking part in such an election, he tacitly agreed to abide by the decision of the majority. And how if he did not vote at all? Why then he cannot justly complain of any tax, seeing that he made no protest against its imposition.
So, curiously enough, it seems that he gave his consent in whatever way he acted—whether he said “Yes,” whether he said “No,” or whether he remained neuter! A rather awkward doctrine, this.

Through the centuries men have formed concepts designed to check and limit the exercise of State rule; and, one after another, the State, using its intellectual allies, has been able to transform these concepts into intellectual rubber stamps of legitimacy and virtue to attach to its decrees and actions.”


There is no law so obscene that the police are unwilling to enforce it, up to and including the mass execution of innocent children.

Every cop is a criminal.

The reason government employees are so disproportionately vile is that state authority attracts low-status, low-quality people who are now in a position to demand the respect and deference that they would never be able to earn otherwise.

Every unconstitutional law is just a letter to Santa without men and women in badges willing to impose and enforce them.

It is worse to enforce a law against freedom than to pass one.


Public schools are literal prisons for children and the only place many people will experience violence in their lives.

Imagine you had someone who expected their puppy to sit still in one place and listen to them for seven hours straight. Then imagine if the puppy got too fidgety, and they medicated the puppy to make it more docile. What would you call such a person? A schoolteacher.

We are born knowing that life is a magical adventure and it takes them decades to train us to believe otherwise.

Our educational system is designed to encourage children to view the approval and perspective of authority figures as superior to their own judgment, experience & evidence. This carries over into adulthood as both political teams regularly train their members on what message to repeat.

The universities are literal monasteries training young adults into the shock troops for the Cathedral’s progressive militia.

One of the most sinister messages of government schooling is the presentation that our system is in place to provide useful, truthful information to the populace, and therefore most information that is being presented to us can be safely assumed to be useful and/or truthful.


The claim “hate speech is not free speech” implies “free” is a type of speech, as opposed to how speech is treated in a free society.

“We need’ is always code for ‘I want.”

On The “New Right”

A loosely connected group of individuals united by their opposition to progressivism, which they perceive to be a thinly veiled fundamentalist religion dedicated to egalitarian principles and intent on totalitarian world domination via globalist hegemony.

The New Right is of the fringe (and I say that as an anarchist), and the fringe is where both innovation and insanity lay.

I am a philosopher-poet who shares liberating insight and inspirational guidance in our human journey to wake up, re-member ourselves, end the illusion of separation, and return to our innate nature as divinely powerful creator beings.
My Quest is to awaken myself and set myself totally free while contributing to the awakening and liberation of humanity from all illusions, limitations, darkness, and ignorance.

I invite you to join me in the journey through the Great Mystery & in the creation of the New Earth.
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