Instead of Citing Sources, go to THE SOURCE

Instead of citing sources, go directly to The Source

Go directly to the root of Understanding
To the fountainhead of the Heart
To the origin of Knowledge
The wellspring of Truth

All sources within this human realm will be subject to biases and limitations. And if you base your whole perception of reality on outside sources that you deem to be truthful, then you will be lost in a desert of confusion and ignorance.

You must discover Truth for yourself and in your own experience.
And ultimately, Truth is not found with the mind, with the eyes – it is not found “out there” in scientists, experts, authorities or in studies and proofs.

Truth is found within the heart, in your deepest center – where all questions disappear and all paradoxes resolve themselves.

This Truth resonates and sings in a clear knowing that is unmistakable.

“Do You Have A Source That?”

Those who ask for a “source” are really saying that they need external validation. That they are not capable of discovering the truth for themselves.
They outsource their thinking, their investigation and their truth to external “experts” and “authorities” because they are not willing or capable of finding it for themselves.

They are saying that they are an intellectual slave in the thrall of the illusion of authority.

The whole tendency to ask for a source, is the product of a midwit mind – one who is just “educated” enough to think they are intelligent, yet is not intelligent enough to do their own thinking.

A truly intelligent person can observe, experiment, see, discover, and perceive for themselves.
They don’t need peer-reviewed scientific studies to understand how and why things are what they are. They can SEE it in their own experience and through their own investigation and scientific inquiry.

The Facebook fact-checkers opeerating as guardians of the status quo

The Authoritative Sources Exist Within The Matrix

This is all the more the case, because we don’t live in a world where the external “experts” can be trusted.
There is so much external influence on our modern science, medicine. etc. There is so much bias based on funding, personal conditioning, the media, and other influences that prevent truly open, holistic scientific inquiry.

In our world enmeshed in ignorance – academia and modern “science” is seen as the ultimate authority of what is true and what is real.
In our modern science and academia, the “experts” and “authorities” are not just very often wrong, but they are also often intentionally obscuring the truth.

The authoritative sources exist within the matrix, within the current culture and it’s attendant belief systems, assumptions, and mental paradigms.
They are a result of many years of conditioning and programming into certain perceptions and beliefs through decades of schooling.

And there are power structures that have existed for centuries that have sought to twist and corrupt every system and institution in our world, especially our scientific disciplines so as to keep humanity ignorant.

No, you will not find the truth about the true nature of anything from within The System, inside The Matrix.

Lived-Experience Over External Experts

If you are aware, if you pay attention.
If you live your life in a scientific manner – hypothesizing, testing, observing, drawing conclusions, modifying and testing again, etc.
Then you don’t need external scientific studies, you don’t need peer-reviewed, accredited sources to back up your claims.
You have lived it. You have experienced it – you have attained the practical, experiential knowledge for yourself.

Too many people in our world take everything second-hand and third-hand.
They cannot know whether something is accurate or real or useful until some institution that they deem to be authoritative has authorized it, until some scientific group that they deem to be experts has confirmed in a materialistic scientific way that it is real.
Until the mainstream media has reported on it and “fact-checked” it.

For example, The New York Times and other pseudo-intellectual publications are always reporting on the blindingly obvious.
“Studies show that spending time in a forest produces serotonin and boosts your mood.”
Oh really?! Thank God for Science, else I never would have known that!
Rather than reading a 50-page scientific paper about it, you could go into the forest for yourself and observe how you feel.

A large portion of scientific studies that billions of dollars are used on is something that anyone with a bit of observation and lived experience can prove to themselves for free.

What people who only believe something if Science™ shows it to be true are really saying is that they are incapable of doing their own scientific process of discovery, they can only put their faith in external authorities and experts.
And all too often, they are misled by faulty studies done unscientifically by researchers with blind spots and foundational biases who are compromised by where they get their funding, etc.

And even more, the entire orientation is backward and wrong – that only our very limited materialistic, reductionist science can tell us what is true and real.

Our current intellectual and scientific paradigm is stuck in the religion of scientific materialism. All scientific truth you get from The System is a product of the prevailing paradigm.

The scientific materialism paradigm is extremely limited.
It is a product of believing and perceiving only in the physical reality and a complete ignorance of the subtler energetic, astral, mental, and spiritual planes, which are the source of all that manifests at its lowest level in our physical world.

All Truth Is Found In The Heart

There is a teaching that most of humanity is not ready for yet.
The idea that you can go within, go into the heart and find the truth
That all external searching for validation of a certain truth is pointless.
That Truth is felt as a resonance, an inner knowing that transcends thinking.

Only those who are ready to transcend the mind yet not fall below it are ready for this way of living.

Humanity has been deeply conditioned into obedience to external authority. We have been disconnected from our innate ability to directly connect with our source and download truth. And we have not been taught that we can observe, we can experiment, we can discern many truths about our world on our own without being wholly dependent on others to whom we outsource our thinking.

The idea that one can discover, experience, and KNOW something to be true and real – even though the world’s experts do not acknowledge it – this is the quality of the truly intelligent.

The truly intelligent and aware person says, “I will discover for myself. I will do my own observations and experiments. I will take the journey to find out.
I will do this because I know that I cannot rely on the experiences and beliefs and perceptions of another.
Even if they have doctorate degrees from major universities, even if they are elevated by our society into positions of authority – their expertise means nothing.
For it is not my experience, my knowledge, my attainment.”

The Ability to Know What You Need To Know When You Need To Know It

There is an ability that is available to all human beings:
The Ability to Know What You Need To Know When You Need To Know It

If you live your life correctly, if you are connected to your Source – you will be provided with what you need to know exactly when you need it.

You won’t need to think about everything or find external authorities to obey. 
The answer and the direction to move will arise spontaneously from deep within you.

In the future, human beings will not be confined in the prison of citing sources for everything and relying on secondhand and thirdhand knowledge.
We will be directly connected to Source.
And therefore we will know anything that it is relevant for us to know.

We will be capable of “knowing by being” rather than the intellectual knowledge that is disconnected from heart and soul.

Truth is known, is felt in the heart. 
It is not something that comes from the mind. The mind is of the realm of illusion. It can never know anything in its essence.

So, do not ask for sources.
Do not require peer-reviewed papers and all the official stamps of the system-elevated “experts.”
Go directly to The Source.
Drink from the fount of all knowledge.
And you will KNOW TRUTH.

What do you think?

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