Reality Control: The Perception Deception

How Beliefs and Perceptions Create Your Reality & How This Has Been Used To Keep Humanity Enslaved In A False Matrix

As you perceive, so you believe
And as you believe, so you perceive.

As you believe, so you feel.
As you feel, so you think.
As you think, so you act.

As you act, so are your perceptions/beliefs reinforced.

And from the combination of all these levels of your being,
Belief, emotion, thought, action – how you believe, feel, think, act,
So your reality-experience is selected out of all possibility.

All beliefs are self-reinforcing.
By having that belief, you create or attract that commensurate experience.

Our Perception creates our reality – not the other way around.

“The only things we perceive are our perceptions.”

– George Berkeley

The Perception of Reality is the Creation of Reality

You think you perceive things as they are…
You don’t.
You perceive things as YOU are.

The perception of reality is the creation of reality

In the act of perception, you are already shaping and creating your reality. Just in the way that you perceive something, you are already seeing it not as it is but as you are.

You cannot separate the perceiver and the perceived
The observer and the observed
Quantum physics has now discovered this truth that sages have known for thousands of years.


Through the information we take in, our picture of reality is constructed.

Information dictates belief and perception.
And belief/perception, in turn, determines what information we gravitate to and choose to see as true.

Through the control of information, you can shape what FORM something takes.
Through the control of the information a society has access to, you inform the direction of that society.

This is why it is so important for the managers of humanity to control what information the populace has access to.
It is why the corporate media outlets all share the exact same information in the exact same way. And why there is such a frantic effort to hide, censor, and silence everything they label as “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

“Misinformation” and “disinformation” are just euphemisms for info that the controlling regime doesn’t want you to see because it threatens their power.

Are Your Perceptions Your Own?

Are your perceptions your own?
Or are they implanted into you from outside entities?

Have you ever questioned whether your perceptions are accurate to “What Is”, to Reality?

Are your perceptions and beliefs True? Do they correspond with Reality?

Do you believe what you believe because it is True?
Or are your truths what they are because you believe them?

Have your perceptions been shaped, bit by bit, your entire life?
By the conditioning of your upbringing, your parents, your teachers….
By the tv you’ve watched, the movies you’ve viewed, the newspapers you’ve read…?

Have you ever sought to rid yourself of the filters and lenses given to you before you could walk or talk so that you can perceive things as they are and know what is Real, and what is True?

William Blake said “If the doors of perception were cleansed…”
But before you see everything as infinite, you have to see Reality as it is

And when you do that, you will be shocked; you will be shaken to your very core about how much illusion you have lived in – both within you and in your world.

Control of Perception is Control of Reality

“if you want to control the dream you must control the perceptions of the dreamer and that’s the global conspiracy to enslave humanity in a single sentence.”

– David Icke

Humanity has been existing in de facto mental enslavement for millennia through a limitation of possibility, by top-down control of the narrative, via careful shaping of perception, and through holding a tight control of information.

For it is much easier to enslave and control a people by subtly controlling their minds than by violently controlling their bodies. Through the limitation and shaping of perception, belief, and therefore reality – you can keep people in a prison they do not know they are even in.

In the days of old, it was the Church that provided the narrative and kept humanity confined to a narrow fear-based state of consciousness.
Now that same function has shifted to the Mainstream Media and “The Science”™. And it is enforced by Big Tech who controls the flow of information in our digital age.

Billions of Humans have been controlled en masse through control of perception.
A narrowing of what is possible and what is real.
Conditioning perception and belief so that people perceive only within a very narrow bandwidth

The Limitation of Possibility

Our reality is limited by our perception of reality.

Humanity has been enslaved by the limitation of possibility.
What we see and experience as possible.
What we believe to be real, and what we think is fiction and fantasy.

We are infinitely creative and powerful beings who are living as cowering slaves because we don’t know what is possible, we don’t know what our potential is.

For millennia, humanity has existed in a perceptual prison, which is all the more insidious because we don’t know we are in it.
A prison of belief that appears to be “reality”.

We have been experiencing a limitation into such a narrow bandwidth out of all possibility – all the while thinking that we are the most evolved and intelligent beings in the universe!

Narrative Control is Reality Control

When you consume “the news”, and when you listen to “the experts,” you are being influenced to validate a certain “reality”.

How do you know that they are right?
How do you know that they serve the truth, rather than what advances their careers and keeps them funded?
How do you know that they aren’t a victim to the same perceptual prison and limitation of reality that we are all indoctrinated into?
All these sources of information, narrative, “truth” are deemed to be authoritative.
Because they exist within the system and bow fealty to it.

This control of perception, monopoly on information, and domination of the narrative is ultimately mind control.
It is a manipulation of the human mind so as to keep it imprisoned and enslaved.

Coincidentally, our word government can etymologically be broken down into the Latin words “gubernare” and “mentis” – “to govern the mind”.

This narrative monopoly dictates who we see as “the experts.”
And who we view as “dangerous misinformers.”
What we deem to be “the science ™.”
And what we dismiss as “conspiracy theory.”

The Perception Deception

Control someone’s beliefs and definitions about themselves, their world, and the nature of existence/reality, and they will only experience what they have been “programmed” to experience.

The liberation of Man consists of setting free of our perception and breaking free of all limiting beliefs and beliefs in limitation.

It is the awakening to the truth that we have been the prisoners within Plato’s cave. Chained to the floor and seeing only shadows on the wall while a vast reality exists beyond this.

We think that what we see is real; we think that what we see is all there is to reality.
But it is only the smallest fragment of existence.

And if our perceptions and beliefs are being shaped by outside forces, we are living completely in illusion.

Our creative consciousness has been hijacked by shadowy forces to keep us feeding a false narrative in this fallen matrix world.
We have been kept ignorant, powerless, separated, afraid, and unconscious.

Our prison has been an invisible one. It does not consist of bars and chains but of the even more dangerous shackles of limited belief and frequency control into a narrow bandwidth of possibility.

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised

The good news is that we do not need a violent revolution. 
All we need to do is to stop feeding our energy into the matrix of perceptual enslavement.

The revolution won’t be televised because the sources of our news and entertainment are monopolized by the controllers. It’s not in the universities, which are likewise ideologically captured.

Our liberation is in unplugging our consciousness from continuing to fund and feed the machine of our own enslavement.

The revolution is an inner one, as human beings wake up and out of centuries of programming into limited beliefs and perceptions of themselves and their world.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,
None but ourselves can free our minds.”

What do you think?

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