The Power of Paradox

As a being existing in this polarized and dual physical dimension, we are conditioned into dualistic perception and thinking.

Ignorant of the true nature of ourselves and reality, we perceive everything as separate.
But hidden within all things lies the secret paradox that cannot be seen with the thinking mind.

A conscious creator can play with duality and the paradox that lies at the heart of all seeming contradictions and utilize that mechanism to powerfully create.

The Nature of Paradox

Everything created comes out of the union of two contrasting energies.
From the male and the female comes new life.
Light and dark are present in all of creation.

Utilizing the paradoxical nature of reality allows you to turn things around and inside out.
It means you can extract milk from thorns and turn the negative into the positive.

Paradox is the point in the middle that contains both polarities.
When you allow yourself to exist in that center point, the apex of the triangle, you can see both dualities and can thus play with polarity.

When you stand in the center of your being you contain all contradictions.
From you all springs forth.

In accepting and validating both sides of yourself and the situation, you give yourself the freedom to lean either way and transcend the duality altogether.

Utilizing the Power of Paradox

Paradox is your point of power.
Anytime you feel lost utilize the power of paradox.

Essentially this means transcending the belief in limitation and knowing that you are an infinite, eternal, divine being.
You are the creator of everything you experience.
You are the center point from which experience is born.

You already are it all and contain it all – or else you wouldn’t be able to conceive of it in the first place.

If you feel out of control, realize that you are using your innate control to feel out of control.
We are so powerful that we can create the experience of seemingly complete powerlessness.
But we create that feeling of powerlessness with our infinite power.

If you feel a lack of love, realize that it is the unconditional love of All That Is that so loves you that it allows you to create the experience of feeling unloved.
We are so unconditionally loved that we are allowed the dignity to choose to feel absolutely unloved.

If you feel unfree, realize that it is your absolute freedom that you are using to create the experience of limitation.
We are so free and unlimited that we are allowed to create even the experience of being bound and limited.
But that experience is created within limitlessness.

You can never get something that you don’t already have.
You can never learn something that you don’t already know.
You can’t experience something that you don’t already contain.
You can never go somewhere you aren’t already are.

This is the power of paradox.
This is how we realize our great creative power and utilize it to become a Master Creator.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Paradox

  1. Seth, I wanted to schedule a session with you, but the calendar link isn’t active – is that something you still do?

    I’ll leave my contact information for you.

    Do what thou wilt.


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