The Opening of Pandora’s Box & The Revelation of Humanity’s Hidden Darkness

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
– The Buddha

A great revealing is coming to humanity.
We are on the cusp of the opening of a Pandora’s Box and the revelation of deep corruption, lies, and secrets.
In this time of unveiling, be prepared to aid those whose known world is crumbling around them.

Opening Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s box is being opened. It is the opening and releasing of all that has been hidden.
It is the letting out of all that has been shut inside humanity’s collective consciousness and unconsciousness – all the madness, the insanity, the darkness.

It is the revealing to humanity at large the darkness, corruption, rot, and evil that has been occurring, largely in secret – but not truly in secret if people would actually SEE.

Once the lid comes off of this box, it cannot be put back on. Once humanity begins to learn the truth. There’s no going back.
Once the genie is out of the bottle, it cannot be put back in.
It all must come out.

We will have then truly “opened a can of worms.”
Just like when you turn over a stone and find all sorts of slimy bugs and worms crawling underneath. So in our civilization, are there worms hiding beneath rocks that are being turned over.

The Suppression of the Truth

“For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”

  • Luke 8:17

For the past years and even decades, there has been information made available by which individuals could come to know the truth. However, “the powers that were” have done all they can to censor, silence, and obscure the truth from the population.

Every time the lid of the box threatened to be opened, they slammed it shut and created distractions. They have kept the people of Earth fighting amongst themselves over silly illusions such as race, sex, and culture.
And they labeled those who sought to uncover the truth crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorists and terrorists to discourage others from questioning and seeking truth.

There is much evidence, and there are many whistleblowers. However, our mainstream media has had such a strong influence on the narrative, on what people perceive their reality to be and what is true, that only those who actively seek out the truth of this world have found it.
For most humans, if it is not told to them by the media, it is not happening. If it is not told to them by those in positions of authority, it does not exist.

A Revelation is on the Horizon

In the near future, humanity will be faced with the event of our lifetimes. And this event is the revelation of the lies, the corruption, the darkness, the secrets upon our world.

There has been much kept from humanity, much that humanity has been left in the dark about. The masses have been ignorant about what is going on in our world in secret by those who have power in positions of authority.

All the darkness, all the secrets, lies, and the corruption that has been pushed under the rug and has been occurring and secret on our world, not just decades, but for centuries and millennia.

The way humanity has been controlled by largely invisible structures of power and control will come to the light of the public consciousness.

It has been kept secret for a long time through the fact that these secret cults have controlled our society’s most powerful institutions through control of the media, government, military, intelligence agencies, police, religious institutions, the financial system, the healthcare industry, academia, the corporations, etc.

The Dam is Already Breaking

The darkness and the corruption have reached such a peak. It has reached such an intensity that it cannot remain hidden any longer.
One who looks and sees is already noticing that the corrupt can no longer hide.

More and more people have been coming to know the truth, have been swallowing the proverbial “red pill” and opening their eyes to the truth of their government, the truth of their media, the truth of the world that they live in, and the structures of control and suppression upon it.

For the past years, deep cracks have been forming in their control structure’s walls and pillars. The Covid-19 academic and the accompanying lockdowns, mask agenda, and vaccine agenda have been an act of desperation to shore up their control and regain domination of humanity’s minds and bodies.

But recently, everything they have been doing is backfiring.
The tighter they attempt to tighten the noose, the more people are shocked into awareness. Everything they are doing is backfiring on them. The inhumanity and untruthfulness of their methods and their entire system are exposing itself, contradicting itself, and waking up more people to the fact that something is deeply wrong.

The dark truth has been pushed under the rug, pushed into secret, into our unconsciousness. But it could not be hidden forever. And now, more and more humans are awakening, creating a critical mass of awareness, light, and truth that is working to expose all that is of illusion and darkness.

It is all being exposed because humanity’s consciousness is rising; the light is being shone into every dark corner of ourselves and our society.
The weight of the insane dysfunctional old system is collapsing upon itself.

Giulio Bonasone (Italian, active Rome and Bologna, 1531–after 1576) Epimetheus opening Pandora’s Box, 16th century

When the Floodgates Open

But there will come a time in the near future where a critical mass is reached, and some truly evil people and their deeds are exposed.
And these will be people who many respect, admire, and trust.
And it will devastate many individuals in our world who have put all of their trust and admiration into deeply selfish and psychopathic people.

Perhaps the most heinous hidden evil is how our children are being abducted, trafficked, and abused.
Perhaps this is what will finally shock humanity awake and cause them to turn on their illegitimate rulers – when they learn the truth of how many children are taken and exploited.
We all value the innocence of a child – and it is the revealing of how children have been abused on a worldwide scale by some of the most powerful people in our society that will likely be the spark that leads to humanity revolting.

The Healing Crisis

This event, this great revelation, this opening of Pandora’s box will be an event that redpills the world. When this happens, no one will be able to deny that something unprecedented has happened.

When this happens, there’ll be some people who will feel as though the world is ending, that the End Times are upon us, that humanity is truly fallen into the depths of evil. But this is nothing new; the darkness has been here all along.
We just haven’t seen it, but it must be brought to the surface to be healed.
And we will go through that healing crisis together.

Some will try to deny it. They will bury their head in the sand will refuse to believe that their so-called leaders could be so corrupt and that everything that they thought they knew to be true is proven false.

This revelation will be so devastating that it will have to be faced by even the deepest of sleepers. As is their free will choice, they may still choose to believe in the experts and authorities in the media and government.

This will be such an event, such unveiling of what has been hidden, that any sane, rational person will have to face it.
And it will blow open the corrupt media. The mainstream media is the biggest barrier to our world’s actual truth being known by the population.

And so humanity will, for the first time, en masse be faced with the depths of the corruption, the lies, the darkness, the evil, and the depravity.
The scale and the scope of the corruption in our world will be shocking to the people of Earth.
The rot that has been festering at the core will be exposed for all to see.

It has been secret, covered up, and hidden, but it is coming to the surface so that humanity can see it can acknowledge it, and can then move on and create a new future without this level of corruption and darkness.

Humanity Will Come To Learn the True Nature of their Suppression and Oppression

Many people that we have been taught to worship, that we’ve been taught to admire and trust, whether they be politicians, Hollywood celebrities, acclaimed scientists, media darlings, journalists, and journalistic institutions.
Many of these people will be exposed for what they truly are.

It will be shown how so many people who rise in government, media, academia, business, religious institutions, and other positions of power and authority are controlled and compromised in one way or another, whether it be through blackmail due to their heinous acts, through bribery, through honeypots, etc.

It will profoundly shake people to their core, just how much they have been lied to, just how much of the world that they thought they lived in was an illusion. Just how much the people they respected, admired, looked up to, voted for betrayed them, and lied to them.

They will be shocked at how prevalent dark and evil acts such as murder, pedophilia, child trafficking, human trafficking, and black magic rituals have been. How people have been used for scientific experimentation and how the masses have been psychologically manipulated and brainwashed.

All of this done under our noses and even right in front of our faces.
Things “crazy conspiracy theorists” have been trying to warn people about for decades but were laughed at and ridiculed.

“By their fruits, ye shall know them”

And it is true that “by their fruits, ye shall know them,” you shall know these people by what they have created. And for the first time, what they truly are, what they truly live by what they’ve truly done will be shown.

In the Old World, the truth could be obscured from the hypnotized masses.
But as we undergo The Great Shift, with the rising energies, it is impossible to hide who you are anymore.

There is a great rot at the heart of our world. And this will be revealed to humanity at large. And it is already being revealed, but it will accelerate and reach a point of critical mass. And as the rats scrambled to abandon ship. They will turn on one another. And more and more of the lies and the corruption will be exposed.

The Masses Will Need Comforting

If normal human beings were suddenly forced to know the whole truth, probably, most of them would go into a state of shock.
As it stands, probably many humans will go into a state of shock. They will have a trauma response, fight or flight.

Many in our civilization have put their trust in the system, in the structures of power, in the government, in their idols.
To suddenly be faced with the truth that these people betrayed them will be very difficult for them.

And there will be some who will not be able to let go of their attachment to their belief in the authorities and idols they have believed in their entire lives.
Their Stockholm Syndrome will be so ingrained in them that they will be unable to evolve and will go down with the fall of the false-idols.

They won’t know who to trust, and they will not know what is true. Decades of media brainwashing has rendered them utterly dependent on external “experts” to tell them what they believe.

They will run to the media and the government to tell them what is true, but these institutions will have been exposed as frauds and manipulators.
There will be great cognitive dissonance, where individuals cannot face what is being revealed because it goes so much against their whole identity and the solidity of their world.

And some have more or less known about this for years, even decades. Those were the ones who were called conspiracy theorists and woo-woo spiritual weirdos who are ridiculed and mocked.
But it is those who will be called upon to comfort those who are just learning the truth.

Those who have done their research and discovered these truths on their own will be called into action to help stabilize their friends and family.
They will serve a very useful role as guides and comforters who have had time to process these truths and thus have the ability to help those who are only just now learning.

The Stages of Grief

Those who were previously completely dependent on the mainstream narrative and the old system will go through the stages of grief.
First, denial that these revelations could be true. They will try to dismiss them.
Then anger, they will become angry that their illusions are being shattered and will become first angry at those who have exposed the truth, and then only later at the true perpetrators.
After that, bargaining, they will attempt to minimize the damage and still retain their old worldview and trust in the exposed manipulators.
Next, depression. Many will become despondent and unable to cope with their emotions and the loss of their known, comfortable beliefs and reality.
And finally, acceptance. After time and with the aid of those leading the way for Humanity, those who are willing to evolve themselves will find acceptance and move forward.

The Whole Truth Will Remain Hidden From The Masses

Humanity will not know the full size and scope of the corruption for many years yet.
At first, probably only the 3D level of human corruption will be exposed. Then gradually, humanity will learn how the control stretches into the extraterrestrial and extradimensional realms.

The way that there has been a worldwide cabal of individuals who work together to maintain their power and influence, their spiderweb of control of humanity by controlling the top level of all of our institutions and organizations and structures. How they have infiltrated governments with bribes and blackmail and have trafficked in human beings and drugs.

How the darkness and the evil have been occurring on this world for 1,000’s of years. How it stretches back into humanity’s very origin as a hybridized species influenced by other beings of a positive, negative, and mixed orientation.

They will likely not yet know the truth of the extraterrestrial factor and the extradimensional factor of negatively oriented beings that don’t even exist in this physical reality who have been manipulating and feeding off of our fear and disempowerment.

How there have been bloodline families of beings who have believed that they have a mandate to rule humanity stretching all the way back to Atlantis. How these beings have kept their bloodlines pure through royal families.

These truths will surface in time, for we must learn our complete and true history in order to fully awaken as a collective and transcend the karma of the past.

The Necessity of This Revelation of the Truth So That We Can Move Forward

We have to bring this to the surface of the collective of humanity
We have to see it, experience it, and process it
We have to detain those responsible so that they are no longer in positions of power and influence.
We have to learn how this happened and why this happened so that it can never happen again.

We have to understand what has been happening on the Earth and the truth of humanity.
Because for hundreds and thousands of years, humanity has been in de-facto slavery. A slavery that we have willingly participated in because 99% of humanity has been ignorant of the truth and therefore gave their energy, power, and freedom away.

The revelation of great corruption will bring humanity to our knees. But it is the healing crisis, the cleansing purge needed in our journey from the Old World to the New Earth.

Unlike the story of Pandora, the opening of this jar will not unleash suffering on mankind. Rather it refers to taking the lid off of the hidden corruption and allowing it to be released to the awareness of human consciousness.
It will be difficult at first, but once we look at what was locked inside, the evil, darkness, and suffering are free to be transformed into positivity.

It is said that “the truth shall set you free.”
It has also said that “the truth shall set you free, but first it will make you angry.”

Humanity is on the verge of being faced with some very troubling and sobering truths about our civilization. Truths that cause us to question everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our world.

We are in humanity’s collective Dark Night of the Soul.

Do not despair; this is the necessary fever and dis-ease which allows our collective planetary consciousness and body to purge itself of all toxins and negative energy.

A beautiful New Earth awaits on the other side of this transformation.

Hold the light dear brothers and sisters
Hold the light.

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