Birth In Poverty

We are all born in poverty,
For unless you are humbled you can never know your glory.
You must traverse the whole spectrum of human suffering, else you cannot transcend it and your compassion will be false.
You must begin with nothing. You must start in complete poverty.

To be born is to be born in poverty.
It is to leave the infinite and become enclosed in a form.
It is to become ignorant and helpless and to start from the beginning.

To be born is to be born in poverty.
Even if you are born into wealth and privilege,
For even that is a form of misfortune.

To be born is to be born in poverty.
We are all born of the flesh, but to be reborn in spirit requires a great poverty.

It is not just Christ who was born with the animals, so also is man a child of animal nature.
And so must he grow from his roots in the mud, and grow through his humanity.
So must he begin as a village commoner, go on a long journey, and face many trials,
In order to discover his inner riches and claim his throne as King of the Universe


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