To Win, You Must Break All the Rules

Everyone is caught in a mad game that they cannot win.
You must break the rules.
You must upend the game.

Life is a game, and it is the rules and limitations which make it fun.  But if you play the game you cannot win.   It will appear that some people are winning, but they really aren’t.  They rule the ant hill for a moment and a day.

The only way to victory is to bend and break the rules. To refuse to be caught in the confines.
To be secretly playing your own game while pretending to play their game.
To burn the rule book, yet know it intimately

You must know all of the rules, but the rules must never know you.

The world is a game, a series of games, and games within games.
The human realm and all social interactions are a game which people play.  And they abide by certain unwritten, unspoken, and untrue rules.
Woe to he who tries to play this mad game. And woe to she who believes herself to be winning.

Don’t get stuck in the game and in the trap of trying to play the game skillfully.
The way to dominate is to cheat. The rules are man made and thus unreal.
Total rebellion is the only way.

When playing a chess game with death, the only way to win is to break the rules.
To make the surprise move and upend the game board in your opponents faces.


To win, you must break all the rules
To conquer you must be playing your own game – on your own terms and by your own rules.

There are many games one can play.
And there is the master game, the Game of Games.

Choose your game wisely.




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