The Game of Games

‘What are you doing in this world?’
‘I am making a game of it’
– Attar

The game is afoot!

Life is the Great Game
Life is the Game of Games
Life is the Master Game

This life is a great game, which if you play well, you will learn many things.
If you can know that it is all a game. If you can take it very seriously, yet not at all seriously.
If you understand which rules to follow and which rules to break.
If you can attain to a certain artistry, a certain mastery.
If you can see it as the game it is, and play it with a sense of humour,
with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye.

You are in the great game now….
The adventure is at hand, the gambler sits at the table.
So play, and play well.


The antes are laid on the table. The dice rattle in the cup. The wheel is spinning and there is no way to stop it now.

You are in the great game now.

You aren’t sure when you joined the game, you didn’t realize how high the stakes are. The opponents smell blood and smile with too much teeth
You know the game is rigged, the dice weighted, the cards cut.
But you were born for this game. This is your game and your joy to play.

This game is your dance,and you dance well. You dance with such totality that you disappear into the dance.
The dancer disappears, and only the dance remains…
The player dissolves, and only the great Play remains….

“Come, come! The game is afoot!”


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