To Heal the Earth, We Must Heal Our Self


The earth mirrors our inner consciousness.
To heal the earth we must heal our self.
To heal ourselves is to heal the earth.

The Earth is dying…

The ice caps are melting and the forests are being chopped down.  The earth is screaming and groaning and weeping with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and rains.

Soon, if we do not fundamentally change, the earth will be a waste – it will be a wasteland where no flowers bloom.  A scorching desert uninhabitable by Man.

The earth mirrors our inner consciousness.

The outside is a reflection of the inside, and the inside one with the outside.
If a person is inwardly beautiful, whole, happy, healthy – then their home environment will inevitably be an oasis, a place of beauty and peace.
If a person is inwardly angry, fearful, ugly, unhealthy – then their home will mirror this and be ugly and devoid of beauty.  It will be an infertile and toxic mess.

To heal the earth we must heal ourself.
To heal ourselves is to heal the earth.

We must take measures to reduce our external pollution of course, but more essential is the internal pollution.  In our consciousness,  in our minds and hearts we must cease to create the internal pollution of fear, anger, hate, anxiety, and selfishness.

The pollution of thoughts is much more dangerous than the pollution of factories.  For our thoughts are the means by which we create and sustain the external factories of pollution.  If inwardly we cease to live in pollution, in ignorance and ugliness then naturally our outward living and our environment will be transformed.  It will become ever more and more painful and unbearable to live in an ugly, polluted and unloving world.  We will be a beacon of health, love, and light shining forth.

Earth is Mother

We must rediscover our relationship with our mother, that through which we exist and have our being.  We are living like orphans – without a father, without a god… and without a mother – without a home, without the nurturing sustenance of the earth.  We must love her for her sacrifice for us, for her giving us her blood, her breath, her body.

We must sink our roots deep into the moist earth.  We must drink deeply from the wells of life.  We must re-discover the Garden of Eden

Or else the human experiment will end in wailing and the gnashing of teeth.
Or else the light of human consciousness will be extinguished in the universe.
And in our ignorance and insanity we will have committed collective suicide.

We will learn to live naturally and intelligently(as we have never been taught).
We will learn from life and teach ourselves and our brothers and sisters.  We will be an example to our children…of how to Live!
With the earth, on the earth, as the earth.


What do you think?

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