If Not You, Then Who?

If not you, then who?
If not now, the when?
If not here, then where?
It’s not this, then what?
If not today, then what day?
If not this life, then how many lives will you wait?

You are the only One
Now is the only time
Here is the only place
This is the only thing
This act is the only act
This day the only day
And this life the only life

You are the catalyst, the missing link. You are the only one who can complete the task. You are the hero and the only hero in this story.
If not you, then no-one can and no-one will.  All hinges on you, all depends on you

You are the key factor in all, the fundamental element of life.
If you are awake and total and acting-then and only then is life truly living and existence dancing as it desires.

If you are joyous all around you is intoxicated, elevated to your joy.
If you are saying “no” to where you are,  what you are doing, what IS – you miss, others miss, existence misses, love and bliss are absent, the universe hangs it’s head
If everything seems to miss, to lack, then reevaluate your participation, your level of totality.

You determine the nature of life.  Whether earth is a heaven or hell
Whether magic happens or not
Whether people are kind of unkind 

You are the One
Why wait for someone else?!  You will wait forever, and you will never know the joy of your own glory, your own beauty, your own power.  The bliss in being in tune with the universe and joyfully living your destiny.

And there never is another –
we are the world, the world is us.  Existence is a subjective phenomenon.  If I change the world is transformed. 

It is said when Buddha attained enlightenment all the trees burst into bloom in the middle of winter.  When you are alive and awake the universe rejoices, and the Father welcomes the prodigal son home. 

There is only one hero in this story.  You are the hero.  And if you hide from your quest then the world falls into darkness.

The hero is one who travels the journey which others are not prepared to take.
Which others would take if they had the ability, the understanding, the maturity, the courage.

You have a song to sing
A poem to write
A quest to live
A story to spin
A jewel to find
A sword to forge
A destiny to create and fulfill.

What do you think?

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