Thought is so close to us, yet we do not know what it is.

Do thoughts exist? They have no shape, no form.

Whose consciousness do thoughts appear in?  Are we a thought?  Are we our thoughts?

Do we possess our thoughts, control them; or do they control us?  Are we the masters of our thoughts?  Can you stop and start thinking at will?

Are our thoughts are possessions?  Are thoughts imposed on us?

What Is Thought? It’s Origin, It’s Nature……

Thought is the result of sensory stimulus reacting against memory.  Perception interacts with the history of our experiences and thoughts are born.  These thoughts

Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades

Thought and Time

Thought is inseparable from time.

Thought will always be of the past because it is the product of memory and time.  Thought cannot think of anything beyond what the individual mind has experienced.  The known cannot know the unknown.

Thought and the Center

Thought creates a center, an entity which identifies with those thoughts, and becomes seduced by them.

The condition of the modern human = lost in thought

Thought is a screen blocking reality

Perceiving reality through thoughts covers up the aliveness of things, they become dead, images, lifeless, the past.

Why do we build conceptual Towers of Babel about human thinking … before we know that which thought is?

How can we dare to define thought before knowing the source or cause of all thought? Or the essence of thought?

Can we observe our thoughts?

If we observe our thoughts, who is looking?

Is our thinking automatic?

What do you think?

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