The Real and The Unreal

The unreal never lived, the Real cannot die
What is Real(absolutely)? – That which is, eternally.  Never born and never dies.  That which allows all to be.  Being
What is real(relatively)? – That which is a temporary manifestation of the real.  The ripples on the surface of the water
what is unreal(illusion/delusion)? – That which never was, but was thought to be real.  Thoughts? Suffering? Time? Death?
What is Unreal(No existence)? – Nothing is unreal(?)
The world and everything in it is a temporary manifestation of the real.
The manifested and the unmanifested
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave
Levels of Reality
Waking, lucid dreaming, dreaming, dreamless sleep, unconsciousness
“That which is impermanent and illusive depends for its existence on external conditions.  That which is real and permanent finds the necessary conditions within itself.” – Franz Hartmann

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