How to Prove That Which is Beyond Thought/Mind?

How to Prove that which is beyond thought?

Beyond intellection, beyond the surface.
The only proof is to walk the path for yourself
But common sense, and intuition(which needs to be recognized as a valuable tool for knowing) tell me that the mind is limited and there is a vast intelligence beyond thought.  But you can’t explain to someone who sees thought and the intellectual reasoning as the final judge.
you can appeal to them by:
intuition and/or Feeling – poetry, direct experience, feelings,
taking rationality to its limit – paradox, koans, rationally explaining that it is rational to transcend rationality(!)
I hate to see it this way but people are on different rungs of the ladder, different steps of the pyramid.  You can’t(?) communicate with those more than on step away, and those on adjacent steps are tough to reach but must be possible to reach.  You must find ways of communicating with those on the step “below” you, and especially those teetering on the edge- those who just need a small nudge.

What do you think?

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