Reality & Realities

There are infinite realities contained with your Reality

Within Reality
There are many realities
Many dreams, many games, many lives
Many worlds and many universes

There are a multitude of beings – each with their own self created world
Each with their own perspectives, perceptions, beliefs, and points of view

Within Reality,
There are an infinite number of already existing realities
EVERYTHING already exists
You choose which particular reality-experience you have by identifying with it out of all possibility
You select it through what you choose to believe and value, which dictates your vibrational frequency and therefore the reality-experience you align with

What you put out is what you get back

The Ultimate Reality
Is that which contains all realities
Is the space in which all realities exist
Is the eternity within which all realities appear and disappear
Is the womb from which all realities are born, exist, and return into

You are your own Reality
You don’t exist within reality
You are Reality

You are the Ultimate Reality
You are THAT

These many realities are just temporary video games that you have gotten lost in
Castles made of sand that you have attempted to make your everlasting home

You are the Self
You are the Ultimate Reality

You are the only begotten Child of God
But you are also God

How could you not be so!?

Is the arrogance of your humility
Preventing you from
Being your Self?
Being your Reality?

What do you think?

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