Transformation & Awakening: The Great Work of Setting Oneself & Humanity Unconditionally Free

Your task, your Great Work, your Magnum Opus:

Is to set yourself totally and unconditionally free and to awaken into Truth.

And as you do this, to share what you discover and what you are with others.

So that mankind can be unconditionally free of all limitation, ignorance, and illusion.

So that we may all awaken into infinite love, bliss, freedom, wisdom, Reality and Truth.

The Nature of Ignorance & Illusion

At the root of all of humanity’s struggle and self-inflicted suffering is the ego, or our conditioning into false limiting beliefs.

Our belief and perception of separation and lack.
Which then creates of suffering and fear.
This one fundamental misperception that creates the whole world of illusion.

All stemming from ignorance and illusion about the fundamental nature of self and reality.

For thousands of years, humanity has existed within this fallen state.
Humanity is not truly free – we have been sleeping a deep sleep that is often a nightmare. The shadow projections of our own mind tormenting us through manifesting in the world we have created.

By doing the Great Work, we do what we came here to do – to transform the fallen state of humanity and ourselves into an exalted state of being.

Transformation & Awakening is What It Is All About

This is what the human collective is in the process of doing – transforming and awakening out of a long period of sleep and forgetfulness.

We are shifting from the old world into a New Earth.

This is why these times are so challenging and chaotic, and everything seems to be breaking down.

We are all individually and collectively undergoing this transformation and awakening – although there are some who will not choose this path at this time. Some are choosing not to transform and evolve themselves and awaken into a greater perspective of themselves and reality because they simply aren’t mature enough – they are not ready for the graduation.

That’s OK.
We all return Home eventually.

The Human Journey

The journey of Humanity is that of:
Transformation of darkness into light, limitation into powerful creative freedom.
Awakening from ignorance into wisdom, darkness into light.
Realization of one’s true nature.
And Remembrance of the Self and Reality within ego and illusion.

From ignorance into awakening
From dark to light
From illusion to Truth
From limitation to liberation
From enslavement to freedom
From evil to the good
From ugliness to beauty
From death to life
From hell to heaven
From selfishness to divinity
From victimhood to sovereignty

On Earth, we go through the full spectrum of experiences possible in this game of incarnation.
We experience it all and grow immensely as souls because of it.

So all the challenge and pain and struggle and darkness that the human being and the collective of humanity experiences is part of that mastering of the full spectrum of existence – so that we can become masters.

Masters of creation, masters of wisdom, masters of love.

Our Human Potential

The true nature of the human being is to consciously be “the only begotten child of God”.
It is to be a Christed being who masterfully creates their own reality.
One who lives in total freedom and love without fear.

To be awake to the truth of Self and Reality – that you are the Self, you are Reality itself, you are the unconditional love and divine light that is the essence of everything.

What do you think?

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