Only In Trial, Tribulation & Tragedy Do People Find The Will To Change

It is the nature of humanity that most people will not wake up, evolve, and undergo inner transformation until things get so bad that they are on the brink of death and destruction.

It is only when they realize that they could lose everything that they fight for life and freedom.

Life softly knocks on your door at first, but if you don’t answer, it will keep knocking louder until it is shaking their entire house. And if you are still sleeping in your bed, it will kick the door down and drag you kicking and screaming from your slumber.

One who neglects their health will eventually manifest a dis-ease in their body that requires either a fundamental change in consciousness or death.

How many individuals have experienced a critical illness or injury and this was the catalyst to completely turning their life around? This is no accident.

This “tough love” from existence is what is occurring in our world right now.
People are slowly realizing just how bad things have gotten, they are being shaken into awareness and spurred into taking action to make fundamental changes in their own lives and in the world they live in.

As Ram Dass termed it, this is a “fierce grace”. It is a cleansing fire that will burn you as it takes from you that which is false and illusory, leaving you thrown back upon yourself.

This is the state of humanity.
So many have been so deeply asleep that a series of shocks is needed to rouse the sleeping giant that is the human spirit.

In current events and events to come, the trials, tribulations, and tragedies the human collective experiences are to be the catalyst for transformation.

What do you think?

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