Only In Trial, Tribulation & Tragedy Do People Find The Will To Change

It is the nature of humanity that most people will not wake up, evolve, and undergo inner transformation until things get so bad that they are on the brink of death and destruction.

It is only when they realize that they could lose everything that they fight for life and freedom. … More Only In Trial, Tribulation & Tragedy Do People Find The Will To Change

Live As If

Live as if you are everything you wish you could be.
Live as if you have everything you wish you could have.
Live as if you can do everything you wish you could do.
[. . .]
You may not know it yet, but it is so.
You may not see it yet, but it is there.
You may not feel it yet, but it is so very close.
[. . .]
And you will no longer need to live “as if”,
You will simply LIVE! … More Live As If

Redemptive Love

What if we chose to be here because we so loved the world that we poured ourselves into it? To make ourselves and existence whole. To reveal the divinity even in the deepest suffering.

What if life is a great gift – given by God to us, given by us to God, given to existence, from existence, and for existence? … More Redemptive Love

The Real Revolution

It is time for the revelation that revolution is inner   The only revolution is in oneself Politicians will talk of a revolution – but it is not revolution. (Barry Sanders, Obama….)  It is only tapping into the dissatisfaction of the people. It is riding the wave of popular sentiment for personal gain. Bernie Sanders is right … More The Real Revolution

The Movement of Life

The Movement of Life, the trajectory, the journey of the Human Being   I. Condensation II. Innocence III. Fall IV. Identity V. Quest VI. Crucifixion VII. Second Birth   VOID I. Condensation Forget Begin Enter Wake ………… Breathe……… ………. Observe Wonder Taste Touch Feel Hear See Become Play Eat Drink Sleep II. Innocence Identify Obey … More The Movement of Life

The Voyager Golden Record: A Cosmic Message in a Bottle

Voyager Golden Record This is the first of a three part series on the Voyager Golden Record, a cosmic message in a bottle to sentient life in the universe. This post will be on the origins and nature of the record and spacecraft which carried it. I – The Voyager Spacecrafts and the Origins of … More The Voyager Golden Record: A Cosmic Message in a Bottle

Matter.: Energy :. Life

It is the central urge in every atom, (Often unconscious, often evil, downfallen,) To return to its divine source and origin, however distant, Latent the same in subject and in object, without one exception.   -Walt Whitman Life/energy has a certain order and impetus;   life tends towards growth, greater intelligence, greater complexity, greater self-awareness/consciousness. Energy is matter, … More Matter.: Energy :. Life

The Laws of Life

The Kosmos is a whole.  It is ordered, it has certain natural laws which are perceivable from the microscopic to the macroscopic.  Understanding these laws and living accordingly is necessary for living in harmony with the whole, and for going beyond. The Law of Equilibrium – Cause and effect, Karma.  All things are in harmony … More The Laws of Life