Reality is a House of Mirrors

Reality is a hall of mirrors.
Where everything you see is a reflection of you.

A reflection of a reflection.
A symbol of a symbol.
An idea of an idea.
A dream of a dream.

© Harold Davis

The House of Mirrors

Your reality-experience is a multidimensional house of mirrors
Everything you are,
And everything you believe, you feel, you think, you do,
Is reflected back to you.

Everything you communicate to existence ripples out like a pebble tossed in a pool of water.
The waves of energy go out and return.
And you are every moment of your existence immersed in this ocean of vibrational ripples echoing and reflecting back to you.

Reflections & Echos

And reflections of reflections
And reflections of reflections of reflections

And echos of echos
And echos of echos of echos

Reflections and echos
Reverberating into eternity
Ringing into infinity

The Hologram of Existence

Life is a living mirror.
A multidimensional hologram.
The greatest technology ever created.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

The One is the All.
The All are the One.

“Split wood, I am there. Lift up a rock, you will find me there.”

The Mirror Reflects What Is

All the reflections in your house of mirrors can reveal truths.
Through gazing at all these reflections, you may learn more about who and what you are.

Through the mirror of relationship,
Through what others reflect back to you,
You come to understand what you are communicating.

What you communicate and create is a reflection of:
What you believe.
What you value.
What you love.

Windows into Infinity

Everything is a mirror.

A window into infinity.
A doorway into the hologram.
A pool of water of limitless depth.

The Reflection Can Not Reveal Your True Face

“Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?”

If you seek your True Identity in the mirror, you will become like Narcissus and lose yourself in the cacophony of reflections.

You will drown in the confusion of the external.

Do not look to the reflection to validate your existence.
Do not hope for a simulacra to tell you who you are.


Everything takes its cue from you.

The man in the mirror is always a split-second behind you.
All of existence awaits you with bated breath.

You are the creator of the experience that you receive as a reflection.

It’s your universe.

There is nothing and no one else here.

Only you.

One Light

Your presence in the center of the space, your light of awareness is what animates and gives life to every reflection.
All the “others” are made out of your energy, your consciousness.

One “I”, one beam of light illumines every mirror in creation.

All the other beings that you think are separate from you, are versions of you as reflected in a slightly different mirror.

Do not be deceived by a differently shaped mirror, or one with a different frame.

The light that is the source and the essence of all reflections is ONE.

You who seek God under every stone
Gaze into a mirror

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