Conspiring As One To Breathe A New Reality

The only conspiracy that matters
is the one where Humanity conspires together
to literally breath as one
and craft a New Earth


To conspire is to breathe together.
To conspire is to come together and act as one towards some end.

When you breathe as one,
You become one.
You think, you feel, and you act as one.

Those with similar beliefs, emotions, and thoughts are naturally drawn together.
They co-operate – they act as one.

Negative Conspiring

There are negative conspiracies where individuals with fear-based beliefs who seek power conspire together in secret to carry out anti-human agendas.

The history of humanity has been filled with such conspiracies because we allow others to lie and manipulate us and because we hide things from ourselves – therefore this is reflected in the power structures of our world.

There are also positive conspiracies where individuals come together in love and joy to create works of beauty that benefit all beings.

Positive Aspirations

It is not conspiring that is the problem.

It is conspiring under the belief in lack, separation, and fear, leading to the obsession with seizing power and enacting control to benefit oneself at the expense of others.

When in this state of consciousness there is no shared intention, no coherence.
Our breath is erratic and out of sync.


May humanity openly and ecstatically conspire together.

May we breathe as one to create a new reality.

May we inhale inspiration,
and exhale exploration.
May we inhale opportunity,
and exhale action.
May we inhale all that we have been,
and exhale all that we may become.

May we come together in allowing the breath of Spirit to express itself through our hearts, minds, and souls.

And so realize that all of existence is conspiring to guide us to awakening to our birthright as Sons and Daughters of God.

Inspiration for Conspiration

In breathing as one, we shall rise as a spire of light in the cosmos.

A pinnacle of what is possible when liberated beings live and breathe as one to extend the Good, the Holy, and the True.

The old meaning of the word shall expire.
For soon there shall be no need to investigate conspiracies.
Humanity will evolve beyond power games, self-deception, and deceit.

In gently breathing into existence an enlightened world,
We shall change the meaning of the word conspiracy.

So that current and future generations are proud and willing co-conspirators in this Great Work.
What will have transpired is the coming together in heart, mind, and soul to restore humanity to our innate divinity.

What do you think?

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