We Must Use Technology to Bring Us Even Closer to Physicality Than We Were Before.

With our increasingly digital lives we are losing substance, the experience of physical things. Experiences like writing a letter, looking the other in the eye, and being present here now and not keeping busy on your phone.

This is neither good nor bad but is because of the inventions and growth of the species and life. But if we are not awake then we will be, and already are in danger of, being owned by our phones and devices – and not the other way around.

The key is that we must use technology to bring us even closer to physicality than we were before the proliferation of technology into our lives.

We must extract milk from thorns, nectar from poison
We must use that which would use us
We must use technology to bring us even more intimate with physicality


Those who bemoan technology are traditionalists whose yesterday is always better than today, but only in memory. Or people who know only the misuse of technology by themselves and others.

It is a tool, and so can be used for good or ill.  The tool of technology must and will be used by an intelligent, sensitive, loving, and awake human beings.  We can let it use us and be our bondage, or use it to aid in our liberation

Through design and architecture
Through our tools and devices – computer, phone….
Through governance, community creating and organizing

Our computers and robots can help to bring people together in the physical world
They can do mundane and automated tasks for us.  Freeing us up to play, create, invent; and very importantly: to do nothing.
They can make us materially rich, so that we become also ripe to discover our immaterial richness.
We can create and invent tools which help us to live healthier….
They can assist in connecting us with each other, and with collaboration, knowledge, inspiration, experiences, tools, and understanding

We will create inspired inventions and tools and integrate them into aspects of our lives which bring us more intimately in the present moment, the source of the juice of existence, the nectar of immortality and bliss.
Ways of being more and more grounded in physicality. In smelling the flowers and living with the trees.  Public spaces which are light and uplifting, which inspire our minds and feed our souls need for beauty, harmony, tranquility,

We will unite the country and the city, the wilderness and the metropolis.

Technology which can quicken things and automate others so as to give us more and more leisure time, more and more play, more and more opportunities to explore and create.  Automation will eliminate the need for humans to do any work that is not creative.
And it is in leisure, play, and affluence that we create art and music and learn about life, and commune with others, and celebrate life and seek truth, beauty, and significance.

We will use technology without it using us. We will be the masters. We will allow the digital to deepen our experience of the physical and visceral, the very juice of life, experience, and existence.

The digital and the physical each have their material and immaterial aspects.   And in the end…we will blur the lines and unite the physical and the digital so seamlessly that they become one.

(This was recorded and transcribed on a smartphone)

What do you think?

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