Time, Space, and the Eternal Present

Are your days swifter than a weavers shuttle? Do you live in a day, a thousand years?

All spiritual teachings point to the infinite power of the present moment and the fact that the present moment is all there is. There has been a much greater emphasis on this fact in contemporary spiritual teachers because it is at the root of today’s condition of the human psyche.

Modern Man is chained by time more than anything.

By conquering the present man brings the future into the present and becomes master of time rather than its slave.

I propose that the origin, the Home, and the destiny of man is eternity


Time is movement, the time it takes to move from one place to another, the time it takes a thought to pass through the mind.

Time requires a perceiving consciousness to record it and measure it.

Time is Relative

A fly lives for one day; does the fly consider it’s life long or short?

Time is only measurable in relationship to something else.  This makes it relative and therefore meaningless, only marginally real.

The universe is thought to be 13.8 billion years old.  Is this a long time or a blink of the eye?

Physical Time and Psychological Time

There is physical time.  The time to go from one place to another, the time it takes to learn a craft or a skill, the time in which the earth revolves around the sun.  The birth, growth, and death of the body is the result of physical time.   In the physical world of forms and objects there is time, which is movement in space.

Can you see, or hear, or feel, or smell or taste time?

But psychologically there is no time.  It takes no time to become good, to become non-violent, to become unselfish.  There is no such thing as gradual change psychologically.  One either changes immediately or never does.  It is done now or will forever remain undone.


Eternity is not eternal duration of time; it is completely outside of time.  It is the destruction of time.  It is the present.


What is space?

Is space interdependent with time?

Are they not measured by each other? (Light year. Time is determined by spatial phenomena, rotation-duration.)

Do space and time exist at all except in reference to us? (What is the understanding by insects of the distance to the sun or moon?)

-Richard Rose.  From The Lecture of Questions.

What do you think?

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