The Supreme Science

“If there is a Domain where enduring Joy can be found and a kind of Knowledge which solves all problems that here distress the soul of man, then what is of greater importance than that men should find the Way to reach this Domain?”
~ Franklin Merrell-Wolff

There is nothing more difficult to find than ones own self

The Supreme Science represents a synthesis of Man’s approaches to Truth, Reality, God, The Absolute.

It is a science and an art, which deals with fundamentals and ultimates and not trivialities and appearances. It goes straight to the root of things with the understanding that one knows nothing until one knows the essence of all things and the essence of oneself.

It is a science which may be called the anatomy and physiology of the soul – or ones essence.  Our sciences have made great advances in the realm of the observable, external world – the realm of superficial phenomena.  The science of the the real interior and invisible nature of man is still very little known.

The nature of Reality and the self cannot be known through reasoning, intellectual study, the perusal of various theories by the learned or “experts”, or through idle curiosity. The practitioners purpose is to realize the truth for and in themselves. This is knowing by being, as opposed to intellectual, detached knowing.

This is the total effort by the human being to become the truth, and is a transformational practice. It merits the title science because it is practical. testable, and verifiable; provided the individual wholeheartedly tests it out. This is the quintessential education and the highest learning.

It is the consummation and essence of philosophy, psychology, anthropology, spirituality, religion, and the physical sciences. These sciences and philosophies are fine in their place but cannot lead Man to a direct knowledge of Reality. The Supreme Science includes yet transcends these approaches to Truth.

Each person must journey and discover Truth and Reality on their own, that ultimate Truth is by its very nature subjective, unspeakable, incommunicable and therefore can never be written down, crystallized, made into a system, a neat concept structure of philosophy.

We are studying the mind and consciousness directly, with the mind itself. It is taking the self to be both the subject and the object, the observer and the observed. It is making oneself into the scientist and the laboratory; the observer, the instrument, and the observed.

All words, ideas. and concepts are vain; this website is unable to truly apprehend Reality, but is a boat to use to reach the other shore and then burn. This site is an attempt to clarify the predicament of the individual and point towards the means of going beyond relative knowledge to a direct knowing of ones deepest truth. It is a beacon that shows that it is possible to go beyond relative, mind knowledge. This website serves as a roadmap for approaching reality.

There the eye goes not, speech goes not, nor the mind. We do not know That; we do not understand how it can be taught or conveyed. For it is other than the known; also, it is beyond the unknown.
These physical eyes are unable to perceive that subtle essence. Nor can it be expressed by finite language or known by finite intelligence, because it is infinite. Our conception of knowing finite things is to know their name and form; but knowledge of God must be distinct from such knowledge. This is why some declare God to be unknown and unknowable; because He is far more than eye or mind or speech can perceive, comprehend or express. This teaching does not say that He cannot be known. He is unknowable to man’s finite nature. How can a finite mortal apprehend the Infinite Whole? But He can be known by man’s God–like nature.
If one knows It here, that is Truth; if one knows It not here, then great is his loss. The wise seeing the same Self in all beings, being liberated from this world, become immortal.
Kena Upanishad – I.iii, II.v


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