The Subtractive Path To Truth

For students of knowledge,
every day something is acquired.
For observers of Tao,
every day something falls away.
You may stumble into Truth only after all beliefs and ideas about reality are discarded.
You cannot aim for Truth because we do not know what it is, it is not a fixed point.  You can only make yourself a fit receptacle for being filled with Truth.
“There is no path to that which is beyond all the paths that men have made and trodden. To find that pathless reality, you have to see the truth in the false, or the false as the false. If you perceive that the path you have trodden is false – not in comparison with something else, not through the judgment of disappointment, nor through the evaluation of social morality, but false in itself – then that very perception of the false is awareness of the true.”
-Jiddu Krishnamurti, Commentaries on Living III

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