The Philosopher

Philosophers think they are the smartest people around.  But they have never considered that their intelligence may be only the highest intelligence within a bounded circle.

They are the top fly on the dung heap
Their intelligence is bounded within a circle, they are relatively intelligent.
They rely on only one tool.  Therefore they are dependent on that tool and limited by that tool.  Blinded by that tool.
Their intelligence and skill with thought is necessary and good in its place.  But it has no place probing into the mysteries.  Neither can it answer any question which depend upon a proper understanding of reality and the nature of the individual.  ( Which underlies all questions and all life, so actually where is the proper place for the mind centered philosopher?)
Wouldn’t the truly intelligent thing to do would be to question their own intelligence?  to recognize their complete ignorance of anything but shadows, of relative things?
Their paradigm is that thought and rationality is the only thing that can be trusted, only thing that is verifiable, only thing that is real.  I admit it takes quite a leap to understand that there is another faculty of knowledge and understanding
What is this faculty?  Intuition, direct perception, knowing by being.
But how can you explain this to them without being laughed off?  You are speaking a different language, live in a different world, a different paradigm (hopefully you don’t have a paradigm).
How can you teach this new kind of philosophy in schools?
This seems to call for a wholly new world- this world in which there is a different criterion for truth.

What do you think?

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