The Known & The Unknown

Thought, The origin of the Ego, Evolution of Consciousness

A necessary stage in the evolution of consciousness

humans developed ability to differentiate and think



The ego arose because we started to think-Tolle


“They ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”

-to say this is good this is bad, to think

-good and necessary thing, but it has also disconnected us from the totality of life.


Movement of center of being from heart to mind



Did the ego and thought develop so that we could transcend it?


Animals-connected with being, not thinking, not Conscious

modern humans- disconnected with being, thinking, largely unconscious

spiritually evolved humans and future humans – connected with being and thinking intelligently, sanely

consciously connected to being/life


The Irreconcilability of Thought and Intuition

Thought by its very nature is limited(page on thought)


What happens when thought sees its own limitation?

That it will be forever inadequate and unable to truly know reality, what is.

What do you think?

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