The Human Robot

“In the robot, the Designer placed a little curiosity, to keep the robot moving once it was assembled and born, so that the Designer would not have to perform every motion for every robot.  But the robot became curious about his origin, and immediately the Designer became a direction of the curiosity.  In the robot the Designer placed an ability to recreate, so that that which was created creates, not only by reproducing, but also by projecting mental creations. And all of this was designed to transform the robot into a self-sustaining unit.  And thereupon the original creation with its orderly intentions was placed in jeopardy. And the robot forgot his curiosity about his Designer, and projected phantoms of false hope and monsters of desire. And darkness was projected as light.”

Richard Rose
The Psychology of the Observer

I propose that man, as he is now, is a robot, an android, zombie, cyborg.  He is controlled the implants of nature and by his cultural conditioning.  Man does not move as mush as he is moved. He does not think but his thoughts are forced upon him.  He is unconscious of the Real.

The only way out of the robot is through it, by soberly realizing ones own lack of autonomy.  The full and direct perception of the false is the arising of the truth.



The robot bids for life.
– Richard Rose



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