Science of Ultimates

What the worldcalls ‘mysticism’ is the science of ultimates, . . . the science of self-evident Reality, which cannot be ‘reasoned about,’ because it is the object of pure reason or perception. The Babe sucking its mother’s breast, and the Lover returning, after twenty years’ separation, to his home and food in the same bosom, are the types and princes of Mystics.”

– Coventry Patmore
“The Rod, the Root, and the Flower”


To solve a problem you must trace it back to its source

-Nisargadatta. I Am That pg. 51


To truly understand something you must trace it back to its origin, its first cause.

There is a Supreme Science, a Science of Ultimates which directly delves beneath the soil to trace back the root to the root of the root, the origin of the origin.

One finds that all things can be continually traced back to more fundamental reasons for its existence, until one reaches that ground of being which is unknowable, yet the source for all the knowable.

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