Perception and Action: One Movement

The seeing the true is itself the action.  One does not have a gap between perception and action, it is one movement.  You do what is needed, what is perfect automatically.

This is the transcendence of the free will/determinism debate

when you perceive fully, with your entire being, thought doesn’t enter in, it is not needed, what is needed manifests without your violition

Similarity to flow state of artists and athletes(and normal people)

When we say, “see into thy self-nature,” the seeing is apt to be regarded as a mere [passive] perceiving, mere knowing, mere statically reflecting on self-nature […] But as a matter of fact, the seeing is an act, a revolutionary deed on the part of the human understanding. (Suzuki, 1969, p 42)
Krishnamurti’s teachings on whole action.  total action……

What do you think?

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