The solving of a paradox through transcendence and seeing it from a higher perspective, a more absolute and non-relative perspective.

“The paradoxical immanence of all things relative”

“Some things react or result from the contemplation of two things at one time. Not just examining them for qualities, but holding them in your head, both variables at once.” – Richard Rose

Kabbalistic Rabbinical saying – “Truth is found at the heart of a paradox”


There was a god of wisdom in consternation. His name was Paradox. Fear him not and know yourself. That which seems to be may not be. Up is down and east is west. Good is to some evil, and evil to some is good. In time there seems to be space, and in space we find duration. And in space-time we find that time and space no longer exist. Know that knowing — real knowing — is not knowing. Know that all laws cannot enter the knowing of the mundane mind until they have been given to us by Lord Paradox

-Richard Rose

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