NOTICE: To Those Who Would Enslave

Written by American Zen Master Richard Rose


To those who would steal, subvert, and enslave: your identity is known, and your masks and aliases are known.


Alias love, “my need,” alias celebration of successful period of celibacy, alias poor man’s pleasure (sex), alias the other side of the coin.


Alias “wise relinquishment of the ego of being a doer,” alias “the process of crouching and waiting for the big kill,” alias recuperation from pitiful excesses and the trauma therefrom.


Alias strength, alias wit, flexibility (wishy washy, pollyana, indecisive), alias manifest equanimity, alias power to squelch, alias art of compensation, alias virtue of relinquishment, alias discernment (of statured men like Watts and Castenada, who give us an easy way).


Alias logic, alias gradualism, alias “one thing at a time” (preferably something else), alias waiting for god’s will or a sign from heaven, alias strengthening all my I’s (by simultaneously doing kung fu, saying prayers and indulging in mental games of chess, or in taking Rose’s advice but applying the advised course of action at a negative time), alias going to school, alias not going to school.

To the Above Characters

Let it be known that force and non-force shall be used against them. That they shall be neutralized by recognition and non-recognition. Know that it is important to recognize a negative quality, but it is likewise being negative to recognize them as being important.
Let it be known that to overcome these criminals of our fifty states of mind that incessant action shall be used forthwith, but that he who acts shall not be an actor (robot) of action-processes (mechanicalness).
Let it be known that our strategy will be to use the powers of these criminals against themselves: we shall procrastinate lust, and employ procrastination to the urges of the voices, and we shall use pride to temporarily fuel the fires of determination, by rejoicing in our successes against the wasters.

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