Myth – 1830, from French Mythe (1818) and directly from Modern Latin mythus, from Greek mythos “speech, thought, story, myth, anything delivered by word of mouth,” of unknown origin.

Myth’s are the stories of humanity which have been told in order to guide humans in how to live and experience the mystery which is life and existence. Mythology serves to align the individual with the Kosmos, society, the self, and the Self. As the human mind and the human experience is fundamentally the same everywhere the mythologies of every culture share archetypal similarities.

Mythos is stories, but more than ordinary story or stories.  It is THE Story: the story of life and of being, and how to live and how to die.  How to live the deepest truth.  A story meant to be held close, lived with, lived in truth, explored,  acted upon, you need to become the story and the hero and the journey.   No place for being a spectator, the truth of myth must be forged anew in your own experience

Mythos is transrational, it teaches and gives the fragrance of that which transcends thought and experience. The story of awakening to Reality and living it, bringing it into your experience and into the world. The true Mythos is the hero’s journey, the inner revolution, the quest for truth, freedom, the slaying of “evil”

All life is a story, we all are the writers of our own story(or are we?).   All actors in a story written by…..?   Playing an actor when we are really the writer, or the observer, or the stage, or the light?

Myths cannot die, they are clues to the spiritual potentiality of man, to what man is and what he is capable of becoming, and what the purpose of his life is.  Mythology has always been the way that the immaterial has come into the material, that the transcendent has been lived in experienced and approach by the imminent.  It has been the bridge between man and God relative and absolute base and divine.  It has shown that there is never been a  gap but that the two are intertwined and one in the same.

What is A Modern Mythos?

How must the medium of mythology evolve in order to speak and sing to the modern man? 

The underlying problem of modern man is fundamentally a spiritual problem.  We are living in a world which feels the absence of Mythos.  Modern man has no everyday living experience of the divine in their lives.  He does not know his own being and therefore devours all things in an attempt to fill the nagging sense of lack.  Modern man is spiritually desolate, there is a great void when it comes to that which is sacred and the mystery, and the damage this lack of  center brings is felt in all aspects of life, in the individual as well as society.

Our rampant depression, anxiety, unhappiness, dissatisfaction is caused by a lack of connectedness to our being, the sacred – the experience of being fully alive – which is the function of mythology.  The proper mythology inspires and invokes and is an example of how to live vitality joy freedom of living and teaches how to live and how to die and how to establish a life in tune with our inner being and the cosmos.

A modern Mythos must honor and celebrate the rich heritage of humanities spiritual traditions, mythology, and wisdom that is not the product of technology, as well as celebrate the current advances in science and technology.  It must unite these two domains which are not contradictory or opposed.  It must be the expression of understanding.  The understanding and clear seeing of the reality and significance of both the material and the immaterial.  We are now in a place in which the species in general can come to a balance, or middle way between the life of contemplation and the life of activity.

A mature and intelligent understanding of science and spirituality their role, place, domains.  The fact that they are both equal aspects of life – the inner and the outer, the material and the immaterial, the subjective and the objective.

Our religions and mythologies are guides to the spiritual( essence, meaning, that which is meant for man beyond animal existence) potentiality of Man.  That Religions and Mythology are metaphors and teachings which align the individual with themselves, the society(which is now the whole earth and the galaxy), Life/nature, and with the source of their being.

The Odyssey

Future of Mythos

The world needs a transformed mythology.  It will be wholly different from the mythos of the past.  It will be a mythology which is immediate to every person on the globe, it is a Mythos of Humanity as one tribe, one race, one species, one city, one country.  Far from being a mythology of planet earth it will be a mythology of the Kosmos and of Life.(For why would we finally transcend our nationalistic divisions on this planet only to start anew with the first intelligent beings in outer space?!)

The understanding, appreciation, and propagation of the Mythology of Man.  We have a vast well of myths from the history of man from every culture of the world.  While these myths are not totally suited to the modern person, they are still valuable pieces of our history and nature as humans.  Many of these old stories still sing to modern man and can guide the individual in life.  There are archetypal ideas and patterns in the myths of man, which when seen, understood, and lived with, impart vast riches and understanding of how to live.

The active participation in the creation of a modern mythology which speaks to the heart, soul, and mind of modern man.  The myth-makers of today’s world are artist, poets, filmmakers, musicians, and writers. the purpose and role of mythology and its utmost necessity for living in happiness, wholeness, and with meaning in ones life.

What do you think?

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