Music of the Spheres Radio Show

(Radio show in pre-production phase)

Musica universalis (lit. universal music, or music of the spheres) or Harmony of the Spheres

Pythagoras and his students thought that one could approach God or Reality through the study of numbers, seeing that the numbers and ratios found in the Kosmos and the natural world contained fundamental similarities and patterns.  They saw music as being manifested in three ways: the music of instruments, music of the human body and soul, and the music of the spheres or cosmos.

The first way in which this term is used points towards the interrelationship between the structures of the physical world and the structures found in music.  That all of creation is composed according to certain fundamental laws and patterns.  There is an Order and Harmony inherent in all and through music this harmony is given audible existence.

In addition, music can be seen as the perceivable manifestation of this celestial Order, Harmony, and Beauty.   And at its heart music is a mystery, an open ended mystery which we can directly experience.

The second meaning of this term as applied to this endeavor highlights the cultural and planetary aspect of music.  One particular Sphere: Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants are the only example of music we have in the universe.  In this aspect we will investigate and explore the music of mankind and of nature on planet earth with the intention of enjoying its beauty and diversity as well as coming to see its intrinsic, fundamental similarities.

The Celestial Monochord
The Celestial Monochord

Sample of Upcoming  Episodes:

  • Drone – The power of the drone in muisc.  Examples in various forms of music: Western Classical,Indian Classical, American Folk(Banjo), Scottish(bagpipes), etc…  Investigation of the reason for its appeal and universal prevalence.  Aum as the soundless sound of the universe.  The home note which we journey away from and perpetually return to.  All sounds need a background.
  • The Roots of the banjo: The African Akonting – History and nature of the instrument, with song examples.
  • Yodeling – Investigation and exploration of the musical technique, its expression in various cultures, etc….
  • Nocturne – Music meant for the night.
  • Murder Ballads – Songs in the American Folk Music Tradition dealing with murder, death, trials, etc.  An exploration of their purpose and the reason for their prevalence.  Showing why they are affirmations of life, show the love contained in hate and the hate contained in love.
  • The Poet Minstrels of Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani music is an ancient form of storytelling, akin to the declamatory epic poetry of Homer.  This show will present the traditional music of Azerbaijan.
  • Bowed Chordophones – An exploration of the bowed chordophone instrument family.  Violins, Cellos, Ravanhatta, Erhu, etc….
  • Music and the Mystical Sense of Transport – Eastern music in particular with its stair-step construction gives the feeling of traveling, of leaving and returning, of being transported spiritually.  This show will explore this and provide examples
  • The Celestial Music of Ostad Elahi – Ostad Elahi was a persian master of the Tanbur, a lute-like insturment with only three strings.  This episode will present his music and his life.
  • Mood Music: Tranquility – One of a series of episodes dedicated to music which invokes and evokes a particular mood.  Indian classical music classifies its compositions into nine primary moods, orRasas(literally means juice or sap).  They are Pathos, Joy, Valor, Comedy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, Surprise, Peace

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