holding the headin the exact mid-point between total desire and total indifference, and then forgetting the entire idea or project. This was a refinement of an old formula for creation “To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent”. Rose once said, “There’s things I’d like to see happen, just be-cause they can.”

—intention, confidence,
gratitude, and indifference
“Between-ness is a way of holding your head so that a desire becomes manifest in your life
experience. It’s a method by which you tap into the Law of Creation and bend it
to your will. A method for transcending the accepted paradigm in which we’re
trapped—a paradigm that doesn’t allow for creation-on-demand. Rose
sometimes called it “white magic.” “If you hold your head between two
thoughts,” he said, “you can perform miracles. Thought, no-thought, creation.”

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